Friday, July 30, 2010


Rescue Beauty Lounge 360. Two coats. Not much to say except it's gorgeous. I love it. Unfortunately the irregularities in the color you can tell from the photos are not entirely the infamous hidden shimmer. It's just plain old high ISO graininess due to a rainy day.

Swedish word of the day:
sfär -noun sphere
Because it looks like a different word, but is pronounced basically the same!


  1. Whoa! so the funny things over the a make it an eeeeeeeeeeeee sound. ima learn me some swedish if i keep readin' your blog ;) xoxoxo

  2. Otroligt vacker färg! Jag har ju inte riktigt fallit för RBL, flera av de lack jag har testat har varit crap, men den färgen skulle vara värd att brottas lite med.

  3. Its a lovely dusty color, gorgeous!

  4. I love this one, and I really really want it! RBL has such unique colors, I think!

  5. Good that you mentioned ISO graininess, coz I was looking at that hidden shimmer and wondering: "Isn't this a creme polish?" LOL
    Beautiful color! Love it!

  6. oh when will they have another 50% off sale

  7. Thank's ladies! :)

    Scandalous: Actually, it's a little different. ;) The dots over a makes it a cross between a and e, abroad often spelled just like that. The name Söderström is often spelled Soederstroem, for example. That means the pronounciation is a bit more like if sphere had been spelled sphaire. :)

    Sminkan: Det är som så ofta: cremelacken funkar rätt bra, och det enda skimmer jag testat (Scrangie) var skitjobbigt. Nu är detta visserligen också ett skimmer, men i cremebas. Tycker dock att "välpigmenterat" och "one-coater" ofta betyder "chippar fort som fan". Det här höll dock oväntat bra!

    Aurora's Nails: I completely agree with you! Total uniqueness- and some staples too, of course. :)

    Maestra: Actually, there IS hidden shimmer in this one. :D If you find bottle pictures, you'll see it, and it's quite possible that Scrangie managed to capture the shimmery side of it. But in my photos, the graininess mainly comes from high ISO. ;)

  8. baahh i love this color!! looks amazing on you girl!


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