Monday, July 26, 2010

In a coral mood...

Don't know what happened to me, but I suddenly got into corals this summer. I still blame China Glaze for that, and for releasing Flipflop Fantasy. However, this one below, is of Swedish origin. It's from the summer collection by Viva La Diva, and is readily available in stores here now.

115 Cape Coral. Cute color. Hellish application. Viva La Diva has to do something about their formula, at least when it comes to color that are, or border to being, pastel. It is über thick and still needed three coats to even out, and never dried. So this is a photo of a manicure that was still wet, and also just about to be taken off.

Swedish word of the night:
sockersött -adjective sugar sweet
Because I feel like wearing such a color is going to give me bad teeth!


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  2. So nice. I love this kind of coral polishes :)))

  3. Not a color I'd normally ware but is really nice on you.

  4. I love corals with golden shimmer , specially if they are more pinkish :)

  5. This is gorgeous! I would love a color like this :)

  6. Too bad about the formula; this color is so pretty!


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