Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This mossy fall...

Here's another twist on Edyta.

Notice anything slightly off...?

Oh, two nails were redone.

This photo is clickable and huge, and shows Edyta next to Nubar Verde.

And if you need a couple of neutral nails to be sure...

Sorry about the lack of focus. I took new photos twice but my camera had a terrible time trying to find the right focus depth. However, I believe you get the picture.

Here is where I put in my brask note. I have been pondering, over and over, and again, if these are entirely identical or not. Even if the outcome is so similar there's no need to own both, there is some differences. I am positive the base color is the same, though, the Nubar is a tad more sheer, and will need one coat more than the Zoya. The shimmer... This is the hard part. It appears to be identical, but just as I'm about to conclude this, I fall back in doubt and think maybe, maybe, one is a little more copper-toned than the other. And here is where it becomes really weird. Just as I have concluded the Nubar has a more red leaning shimmer, I look at these in a different lighting and I start wondering if maybe the Zoya isn't the one with more reddish metallic shimmer. At this point, I'm lost. I'll leave it all up to you, dear and capable readers. Do you spot any differences?

Apart from this, I still concur you need only one of these. Just pick the brand you like the most.

Swedish word of the night:
mosse -noun bog, mire
Not the same as mossa!


  1. the only thing is i need that zoya,ha-ha they look just like dupes to me. thanks for the cg/opi=vv/swiss (green) dupe post cause you don't really NEED both

  2. I've wondered this myself, but they're different enough to own both for me! =D

  3. So...hot! Want either one!! The only one I've seen irl is Metallic Olive...may have to go back for it now too:)

  4. Mmmm, I agree that Nubar's has more red in it!
    But if you stare at the picture you start to see them as identical!

  5. Is that flower a Datura? :)

  6. Hummm, they look the same to me.

  7. I didn't notice at all...either way, they're both very pretty!

  8. Ahh these look so nice!

  9. Sarah B.: A petunia, actually. :) Very common on balconies in Sweden during summers. :D

  10. Great post! Thanks for clearing it up!

  11. thanks for this!
    can you advise on shawn (zoya) vs. yes I can (sparitual)? are they equally similar? thanks you helped me a lot already with this post :)

  12. dinavienna: I'm sorry, I don't have the SpaRitual one! But now you make me curious...


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