Sunday, August 15, 2010


I did a little swapping with a very nice American lady, not long ago. We decided I'd get her some of my native H&M polishes, and what I was about to receive would be a surprise! I love it that way. I love surprises. And then, when the surprises turn up in the mailbox, and you find out that a few of the included surprises are huge long time lemmings, previously unsatisfied, all you really want to do is weep of joy! Look what she got me.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Blackboard. Two coats. Now, let me tell you this polish was a delight to paint with. Really worth its bucks. Not that I payed for it personally. Kelley did! Can you believe she went ahead and ordered me polishes that had been on my wishlist for probably more than a year?!

I have been lemming this one, plus the two other OCC polishes Kelley got me, Wasabi and Swamp Thing, since I first saw them on Scrangie's blog, an eternity or so ago. And finally I have them, thanks to the greatness and kindness of another lacquer addict.

Swedish words of the day:
svarta tavlan -noun the blackboard
The one in my childhood classroom was green too.


  1. Oooh, it's as hot as ever! I have a small list of OCC polishes on my lemming list, same ones as yours!

  2. I really want to place an order with OCC! Their polishes look amazing and are supposedly all super opaque.

  3. Beautiful! And yeah, definitely the color of a chalkboard!

  4. Åh, jag har en lång lista OCC-lack jag vill ha! Är såå sur över att de inte skickar till Sverige.

  5. this is one nice green. I want..OCC such a unique green

  6. Nicole: Take the plunge! They're definitely worth the bucks!

    Janna: You should try them, I don't think you'll be sorry. :)

    Aurora's Nails: I have seen chalkboards many different colors (deep green, lighter green, brown, black), but this one I suppose will match perfectly with the blackboards of any of those old American universities. :D

    Nailtastic: Du får be någon snäll jänkare hjälpa dig! :)

    Pretty: There are also very goodf replacements to this one, I reckon, if you want one a tad cheaper. I'd guess that for example Orly's Enchanted Forest is close. But this one has superior application and also an awesome shine in itself!

  7. I really like the color, but if it was more glossy, I'd like it even more. =)

  8. Oh I've read about this! So happy to find a swatch. Thanks!!


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