Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have a fairy next door...

I'm usually in charge of maintaining my neighbor Kajsa's nails. Because of this, I have blogged about her before. Or rather, her nails. She used to be a hand model, and she has really nice nails. So I'm quite happy to be her personal nail tech by royal appointment. Sorta.

Kajsa is also a total sweetie, and we have that typical relationship I wish all neighbors would have. If I need some flour, I'll just tap her door. If she needs someone to take out her dogs, she taps mine. Every now and then we take a stroll down to the mall together, or just have a coffee. The latter often combined with some nail maintenance.

So, the other day when Kajsa brought her big bag of candy and her German Shepherd Abloy, and popped in for a coffee and a long overdue pedicure (I'm in charge of those too- especially since she is six months pregnant at the moment), I took the liberty to paint her pretty nails in some subtle but oh so good sparkle. What better pick than China Glaze's Fairy Dust?

With some added flash on top.

Kajsa owns a business where nail polish is banned within the franchise contract, so she usually says no to painted finger nails. But sometimes I just take the liberty to sparkle 'em up, seamlessly. And sometimes, that is just perfect.

And sometimes, the perfect celebration of your 200th post is to celebrate someone else.

Swedish word of the day:
granne -noun neighbor
Because I have one. (And more.)


  1. Congrats on your 200th post!
    She really does have lovely hands....can you be my neighbor? Please!

  2. I wish i had such a nice neighbour! I seem to have been unlucky with mine :p

  3. The manicure looks lovely. I just picked this up last night to put on my nails. I changed my mind and used Orly's Goth. I just got it in a package from TransDesign. Your a great neighbor to have!

  4. Her nails are in the perfect shape!
    Visit my blog if you want -

  5. Poor girl! What and EVIL franchise rule. ;-)

    (I just discovered your blog, and I'm in love with your "swedish word of the day". My 5th grade geography paper was about Sweden, my room is interely by Ikea, I left enough money at H&M for them to go and buy Finland if they ever feel like doing it and I've read Pippi Longstocking five times. Enough love for you?)

    (I'm from Italy)

  6. I'd gladly be all of you gals' neighbor! :D Maybe we should build a huge house for all lacquer fanatics to live in. We could merge our stashes into one gigantic, and we would never need to have unsatisfied lemmings anymore! LOL

    Jules Dufresne: Hi and welcome! I am so glad that you like my blog, it means the world to me that anyone does! :) Also, you have excellent taste in geography preferences. ;) Interesting enough, I'd like to go to Italy as soon as possible! I'd love to cruise through the countryside and taste all local specialties I might come across- I LOVE food and especially pasta. ;) I'm also a little bit of a fan of Cecilia Bartoli. <3

  7. If you ever happen to be in Milan, let me know. :-)

    (However, since you like countryside and delicious food, I strongly suggest you go to Tuscany instead. I left my heart there, I definitely did)


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