Saturday, August 14, 2010

In Downtown LA...

...there is..? What the hell do I know, I'm Swedish! Anyway, the polish with the name Downtown LA comes from a stupid little brand called American Apparel. I don't particularily like the brand itself, or what it stands for, or the opinions and the ways of its CEO who seems to be a complete dickhead, but I have to admit I can't restrain myself from aquiring the company's pretty polishes. Most of the ones I have tried have flawless application and opacity. Downtown LA is no exception.

Can you guess how many coats? Two? Three? No. One. Yes. One. I love reds. I love good reds. I really like this one, even though it is hardly unique. The color is nice, but the formula and pigmentation is even nicer. If you want a red this color, this is an excellent choice for a staple.

Swedish word of the day:
fjällröding -noun Arctic char
An excellent salmon fish, found in the fells in northern Sweden.


  1. In downtown LA there is ... smog and traffic. :). I agree with you on having a problem with American Apparel as a company. But the more I hear how great their polishes are, the more I'm torn. This one is gorgeous.

  2. I won't buy AA anything. That IS a really pretty polish though. Downtown L.A. is all right I guess, but not as good as Downtown San Diego. ;)

  3. Amen to the San Diego comment! :) I myself don't care for L.A. or AA (the latter thanks to the douchebag CEO) at all, but it's a nice polish. I mean, one coat... my goodness.

  4. Wow this is amazing - 1 coat!! I've never bought anything AA - you don't really see them in the UK much although I think I have seen a couple of stores in Brighton and London but have never been in. I saw them before I got into polish so much! Believe me when I see another one (probably October) I will be stocking up if they have them! I think they have really pretty colours.

    P.s love your blog, your pics are always stunning!

  5. I don't like AA or that dumb shit Dov Charney, but I love his polishes.

  6. 1 coat?? That's amazing. I'll definately will check them out tomorrow! Are all of their polishes this opaque?

  7. I don't know anything about the CEO so I'll have to look that up.

    I do love their polishes. I've been so impressed with how many I've found only take 1 coat.

  8. Robin: I would expect so. :D (Honestly, and no offense to any LA habitants, but LA isn't the most appealing place in the US to go to for me as a tourist...) And no, personally I can't keep away from the AA polishes. I don't have that many, but if there's a color I really want I'm not gonna pass. :)

    Teresa: I'd rather go to Downtown SD than ditto LA, actually. ;D So no AA polishes for you, then..?

    Liz: It is a red though, so I guess it's almost disqualified in the pigmentation contest- reds are mostly always great to work with. :)

    Tilly: I have bought mine online from the German webshop. It's okay, but they use UPS to deliver and they suck. :D Thank you so much for the compliments on my blog, that means a lot to me! <3

    Arrianne: It's tearing, isn't it? :P

    Beauty Addict: Not all, but many- I believe, I may have been lucky when I picked my favourites out. Both Hunter and Peacock are also really, really nice to work with, but depending on your nail length, I'd say you may need two coats. :) Some may feel two are needed for this one also, to get rid of all visible VNL, but if that's no concern, one coat will even out perfectly. :)

    Anonymous: If you're a concerned consumer, you should look AA policies up to see if you can live with them. ;) I don't think most regular consumers will mind all that much.

    Aurora's Nails: Yeah, isn't it? :)


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