Sunday, August 1, 2010

Little Purple Mouse

Have you met my little purple mouse?

She is actually a failed franken. I made her in one of my ManGlaze FrankenJuggs, and had very different intentions for her at first. This is what she ended up being. A little purple mouse. And she dries dull. I am so sorry I failed you, little purple mouse, but I happen to like greyed out colors. No, let's correct that, I love greyed out colors. I think I emptied almost an entire mini bottle of black in this one. And a bunch of drops of white. And god knows what else. 'Cause I sure as hell don't.

But I love my little purple mouse. She is beautiful in her own way.

Still she became the victim of being outshined by another gal. I tried my very first ruffian- freehand of course -with Zoya Julieanne, and my Little Purple Mouse had to stand back.

Though, I really think this is where you can see her true potential. She is greyed out. That's her thing. Little Purple Mouse...? I love you.

Swedish word of the day:
mus -noun mouse
Because some of us just are.


  1. I love this grayed purple. I can't believe this is a Franken. Definitely not a failed Franken. I would totally wear this! And I love the name :)

  2. The little purple mouse is adorable! I like it a lot! <3
    But the second pic.. WOWZERS! Gorgeous mani you did! They look awesome togeher. :]

  3. I think she's very cool. The 2 work really well together. The ruffian is so edgy, i love it.

  4. Love the ruffian, great job! I can't do free hand to save my life...

  5. Haha this and Adina´s post are the best :)
    Love your creative writing!

  6. I like the colour, greyed out colours are also a favourite of mine. Conclusion? The franken isn't a fail! ;)

    The Ruffian looks really nice, the colours combine great together. It's also very neat!

  7. I love it. I wish I knew the recipe. I think I'm gonna try t frankening it myself. I love it.

    Don't you by the way love Julieanne? I love it, love it, love it! Purples!

  8. Not post related:
    I was thinking here, Glitzerland and Swing Baby seem quite similar.
    May I suggest,if you have them,to do comparison? The one you did between EF and CFTC was great!

    (you can delete this if you want)

  9. I like it, its purty. Thats a really cute name.

  10. Helt underbart fint! Det skulle jag gärna bära själv. Snygg manikyr också, cool och väl genomförd. Du imponerar på mer än ett sätt.

  11. Aurora's Nails: It's not entirely failed, I love the outcome too, but compared to the intital idea it really is a failure. :D

    Steelnpurple: Actually LGM and Steel & Purple are siblings. ;) However, S&P (salt'n'pepa?!?!) got all the glitz and the glam... xD

    Tilly: Yeah, it's pretty neat, but still not the most awesome ruffian I've seen. :)

    Serena: Not too long ago, I couldn't even do a simple manicure without heavy cleanup needs. But then something happened, and I'm now pretty good at swiping nice lines and curves. I think, maybe I just finally relaxed about it!

    Sarah B.: Thank you! :D I really do like to write and have always been a heavy writer, as in writing A LOT. Lol. In my teens, I wrote 10 page letters- by hand. O.o The paper variety, that is. :D And about the comparison: I don't have the ChG. Simply because I believe you're right. :) I didn't want to waste money on a dupe. :D (No, I'm not getting any samples from one of the big companies. ;))

    Michelle: I guess not entirely failed, I like my darling LGM too, but she's VERY different to what I had in mind when I started out! xD

    Regina: You know, if you start out with some of OPI's Got the Blues for Red, and then add white and black (mostly black), and then a little dollop of brown (I used Suzi Says Da!), you'll be onto it. What else I may have added, I don't know. :) And Julieanne is awesome. I love purple. Still need to take her for a full manicure test drive though.

    nihrida: You just oughtta! xD <3

    MissMidnightBlue: Isn't it? It felt so right when I came up with it. :)

    Sminkan: Men du kan inte komma med sådana bra antydningar när jag redan har skickat ditt paket! ;) Och tack! <3

  12. Alizarine, I kind of figured they were related. ;))


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