Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday bling

It's monday, so of course we need some of the so called holo goodness in our lives!

Chainmail Charm from Diamond Cosmetics. Not to be confused with some identical and much more expensive bottles- this one is 2 bucks. Subtle holo effect, but lots of the holos himmer in a brownish charcoal jelly base. This is three coats! It does look good after two, but the third coat adds depth and makes it look a lot less brown.

This poor baby has been waiting for my inspiration for a very long time. Of the Diamond COsmetics polishes I once got yself, this was not the first one to be tried, but of course a green one. However, I enjoyed wearing this one more than I thought, even though I am not one of your typical holo loving gals. But do you know what impressed me the most..? This polish in combination with Nubar's Foundation base coat and the new, sucky, version of Diamont, got through a work shift at the asswiping community with only one chip- where I had done some heavy glueing on my nail -and otherwise intact! Do you know how much it takes for a manicure to live through that? We are talking lots of water, soap and desinfectants here! Bravo.

Swedish word of the day:
vetenskap -noun science
Because I'm a fan. Sort of.


  1. "Not to be confused with some identical and much more expensive bottles- this one is 2 bucks."

    You are so awesome.

  2. Wow, beautiful! Och tack for svensk ordet :)

  3. Jag provade min i våras någon gång men den kändes lite som samma samma som så många andra gråsvarta hololack. Sen tycker jag att de Diamond Cosmeticslack jag har är väldigt bra och kan lätt tänka mig fler.

  4. Holo goodness indeed; this looks great on you!

  5. Everyone should have this. MPJ? Tch...

  6. This one looks awesome, I love it!

  7. i LOVE holo nailpolishes. ooooh sparkle..

  8. OMG I'd love to have this. I think this is really pretty. Must have it.

  9. I still can't decide if I like this particular shade or not. I really can't decide. It's the same with my Color Club Revvvolution np. =)

  10. Gorgeous, is it similar to Revvvolution? Or is it worth it to have the two of them?

  11. Oh, snap! I shouldn't have looked. Now I'm going to lie in bed lemming this one!

  12. I love it!! Simply gorgeous.

    I absolutely adore reading your blog by the way, your nails are simply gorgeous! I am in looove with their shape. I'm a bit of a shape-whore, haha :)

  13. Awesome..! Love the photos also, technically. You've done the holo great justice! <3

  14. Emybloom: You should get it! ;)

    L: Not as awesome as you! ;D <3

    Aurora's Nails: You're welcome! (Var så god!) :D

    Sminkan: Orkade du göra det tredje lagret då? Jag gillade det mer än jag trodde jag skulle göra. :)

    KarenD: Thank you! :)

    jaljen: It IS kind of nice, I admit that. :D

    MissMidnightBlue: It's great that it's so cheap, anyone can afford it. :)

    nihrida: Maybe not top notch, but definitely not one to not like either. :)

    Sarah B.: I'd say that if you're really into holo, you should have both. If you're really into charcoal/black, you should have both. But if you feel you need only one really dark holo, pick either. :) I haven't worn my Revvvolution in over year, and honestly can't remember the formula, but CC are usually awesomesauce, and if I'd guess, I think it's more opaque, less jelly than this one. If you want me to, I could make a comparison. Just holler. :)

    Kimberly: C'mon, you can afford this one! ;)

    Rachel: Thank you, that is so sweet of you to say that! :) Some people say my nails have gorgeous shape, of course I don't completely agree, 'cause few people are entirely happy with what they got. xD

    Steelnpurple: Thank you honey! :) I did my usual with this one, and it turned out nice. :) I feel my "trademark pose" is pretty fool proof. ;)

  15. Love this color, one of my DC favorites!

  16. WOW! I'm strongly tempted to place a DC order, because this polish keeps calling to me. I can't even explain it, but I am SO into holos. There's something warm about this one, too, that just draws me in.

    Also, your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  17. I still haven't worn this and I've had it for months. I guess it hasn't really inspired me either. Oh, and how has Diamont changed?


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