Sunday, August 29, 2010

Murdering someone with matteness

So, recently we had a visit from a friend of my significant other. We don't see him a lot since he lives even further away from central Stockholm than we do- in the other direction. But every once in a while he comes over with a six-pack, and, as it turns out, sometimes also with a bottle of polish in his pocket.

At the point where he realizes that I'm helplessly into polish, he despite his drunkeness has an awesome idea, and asks me to paint his nails. His previous manicure was a bit bubbly, so while happily manicuring his hands I tell him some of the basic knowledge people like you and me have already gathered, such as why bubbles happen.

This guy is insanely interested. Fine with me, I've grown more and more fond of guys gender comfortable enough to cross boundaries- not that I know if there really are any. But since he's so into this I gladly tell him I'd rather use one of my awesomesauce polishes on his nails, than the basic black creme he had with him, and of course he's... intrigued. Really.

Here he is in ManGlaze's beautiful Matte is Murder.

And with the in the late hour much needed flash...

This rapper (sic!) dude totally fell for this one and wanted me to... Polish his toes as well. Oh my.

Sure, I can do it. I can do it. I mean, he even washed his feet prior. But this is where things got out of hand.

The next morning when I woke up, I had no, and I mean zero, none, polish remover left. In a moment when I was looking away, he didn't just wash his feet with soap, he tried removing his old pedicure (sic! again) by just pouring insane amounts of acetone on his toenails... In my bath tub.

Sheesh, what's wrong with men?! I'm gender neutral, but sometimes they're just fucking priceless.

In some weird attempt to clean up after he put his toe ring on again while the polish was still wet, he even used up what was in my handy little bottle set aside for the cleanup process.

And while we're at it with stuff that gets out of hand... Here's Out of Hand:

1993. Those were the days.

Swedish word of the day:
manlig -adjective manly
Because you may still be with polish!


  1. That is so awesome! The Hot guy has his nails done but he still will not let me do his toes and he doesn't even have gross guy feet! lol

  2. I love this story!His "man"-icure looks great,but I'm sorry he used all of your nail polish remover. (was it really necessary for him to use ALL of it though? I'm baffled.)

  3. Just one word: ''Men!'' XD

  4. lol!
    my boyfriend used to wear long pointy and black nails in the old goth days :)
    I have to LOL about the acetone thing... oh my...

  5. I do Ns toenails. Filing, buffing, polishing (with see through strengthner, though). Glad to see I'm not the only one dealing with men-feet. ;)

    He does his hands all on his own though. Innit awesome?

    So, gimme a lesson on bubbles. I get them all. the. bloody. time.

    Oh, and OPI Top Coat is my new hate-object. It just Will Not Dry! Won't! Turns into chewing gum and stays that way for *hours*. Did a beautiful manicure with Maybeline Midnight Blue, added top coat, waited an hour, went to bed, woke up with ruined left hand. Bugger it all.

  6. Wow..what a great story! =)

  7. lmao, pouring acetone on his otes to remove the polish, oh dear, that's priceless!!

  8. Great story....

    Mine wont even let me stamp his nails... :-((

  9. Aaaah I love this guy! Seriously, my boyfriend won't let me go near him with a bottle of polish, but his friends let me sometimes if they've had a beer or 2 hehe. I love painting their nails for them :) The matte looks wicked on man nails.

  10. Evil Angel: He'll come around! ;D

    Pink Ginger: I know, it's insane! Let's blame his techniques. I tried telling him the best way to get polish off quick and painlessly, but I guess he wasn't really perceptive at the time. LOL

    nihrida: They never seize to amaze! xD

    Sarah B.: I'll seem like a horrible person, but that makes me kind of nauseous. LOL I like men to have short and nice nails even if they're polished. :)

    Sanna: One of the most common reasons for bubbles are too thick coats, and too fast. Thin coats is the way to go to avoid bubbles. Another reason which isn't all that unusual, is moist- either in the air or on your nails. Start out with clean and completely dry nails, see to that your windows are closed and the fan is off, then paint thin coats. :) Some polishes will bubble anyway, but that is just poor formula. And I am no fan of OPI's topcoats either.

    Serena: Not so great when you're in it yourself! xD

    chocaddict: It is, what the hell was he thinking?! xD

    Morgaine: I'd say stamping is a bigger step than just painting. :) Ask him if he agrees with me. ;D

    Tilly: Isn't it fun?! I jump onto every chance I get! :D


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