Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Purple Medallion

I'm back! With some purple up my sleeve. Or was it below my sleeve? Well, here it is anyway. Purple Medallion from Studio M. Sorry, no sun present in these photos.

This is one coat of this sucker over my previous worn manicure, Essence Dive Deeper. The next morning I had to get up fairly early to get stuff together for the visiting of one of my favourite politicians, and I really had to freshen my manicure up, but it ws sooo late and I was sooo tired. So I did what I always do in situations like that: layer some goodness on top!

Normally I would wear red for an occation like this one, but since I was already wearing a teal... I both needed to do some covering up, but with something that wouldn't clash completely. So I remembered this gorgeous one that I got from my girl Ange some time back.

Purple Medallion is really a red based purple jelly with a shitload of super bumpy holographic glitter, but layered like this it's just a super sparkly glittery vampy. Since I'm a lucky girl and have incredibly sweet friends, I was able to quickly and painlessly even out the bumpiness with my beloved old formula Diamont! Both Kellie of Also Known As... and Karianne of Neglelakkmani have been awesome sweet and sent me their redundant bottles. I can not thank them enough!

Some of you may be aware that Nubar has completely destroyed the once so great Diamont formula. I was a heavy consumer, and was devastated when I realized what they had done to their product. I'm still in a bit of a shock, but I can put the damage a little bit further away in time with my two spanking new bottles gifted to me. Hearts and kisses.

Anyway, additional picture, just because I can!

I'm a big girl now. I can do it.

But what about the next day..? Yes, my favourite politician, Josefin Brink, member of the Swedish parliament, showed up, a bit nervous, but as always fantastic, and if I had been a more intelligent girl, maybe I would have been able to come up with something more to say than just "Hi and welcome!". In hindsight, I feel so stupid. But I just blame the lack of sleep I've had in the past month. Believe it or not, today is my first day off in 26 days...

Still, look at Josefin. Isn't she absolutely stunning?!

Look at this colorful woman! And if you think she isn't all that awesome, you should take a look at the average member of the Swedish parliament. Josefin could light the whole building on fire by just touching it. And she always wear super red lipstick and nail polish, and almost all the time wearing black, and high heels.

Swedish word of the day
medaljong -noun medallion


  1. Ohhh those are some awesome glitters!

  2. Jag misstänkte att vi hade lite liknande politisk uppfattning. Nu vet jag.
    Snyggt nagellack, underbart glittrigt och jag fattar inte hur du gör när du fångar det på bild. Jag lyckas aldrig.
    Och ja, Josefin är definitivt en av våra snyggaste politiker. :D

  3. Hi there! I don't comment much, but I stalk your blog. lol This is SOfreakingCOOL! I love it. :)

  4. This is such a pretty color! It looks great on you. :-)

  5. Wow, ser supercoolt ut :) Och snygga politiker borde det finnas fler av!

  6. Oh, I love it! It looks like you had it done on that day!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  7. wow gorgeous polish (I'm lemming after its red sister bad ^_^) and that lady is stunning...I wish French politician ladies took a bit after her.

  8. I love Purple Medallion, and your pics of it are awesome! Man, I wish we had a politician that looked like that. Rawr! I'd vote for her any day.

  9. Sminkan: High five! xD Synd att du inte bor i Lappland, då hade du kunnat rösta på mig. ;) Mer nagellack i kommunfullmäktige!

    Makeup Zombie: I like comments, so please don't be shy! :D <3

    Beauty Addict: Actually, the bottle shot is of a fresh manicure, and the daylight shots are always taken immediately when I get out of bed next morning. :D

    chocaddict: ALL politicians should. :D

    K: No matter the politics? ;D

  10. Gorgeous layering and lady!

  11. Ska du ställa upp i valet eller missupfattade jag alles? Lppland? Jag förstår noll.

    Snyggt nagellack. Ännu ett märke jag verkar ha missat

  12. OH MY GOSH!! I WANT THIS!! Where can I get this in the US?!

  13. schmut: Nej, du förstod rätt. Jag kandiderar till fullmäktige i min hemkommun. :) Som i folkmun, särskilt i innerstadsfolkmun, kallas /Lapplands/ Väsby för att de tycker det ligger så jävla långt norr om tullarna (hela 25 km). xD Tror man missar Studio M (tidigare Massini) för att de till 75% har Color Club-dupes, alltså exakt, vad det verkar, samma produkt i sina flaskor. Men det här lacket, tillsammans med den röda varianten Slamming Red är fan skitläckra. :)

    Janna: Since I'm not in the US I have absolutely no idea. :D

  14. Josefin is incredibly cool - and I'm basing that on photos alone. :)

    Re Studio M - it looks like it's exclusive to Meijer grocery stores. There aren't any in California, and it doesn't look like you can purchase the polishes online. ALAS! I want.


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