Friday, August 6, 2010

Paradoxical Paradoxal

Here, let me make you die of boredom!

Chanel Paradoxal, as seen a million times before, but worse photos. Well, I am sorry, but I just couldn't wait to wear it on a sunny day. I broke it out the morning after I had it even though the weather was greyish.

This is my first ever Chanel nailpolish. Maybe the last. Who can tell what the future will bring? All I know is what has been in the past, and I was never impressed enough by Chanel's lacquers to pay the big bucks- but Paradoxal, I just had to have. It's just unique enough for me not to wait for the possibility of dupes showing up among the cheap brands. Seriously, can you beat a look like this?! I know, my photos are grainy galore, but you have seen this one before, and better. Still.

I could have loved this one even more. Like, say, if the formula had been better. Application? Not impressed. Drying time? Sure. Impressed. Wear? Not impressed. Got dents after I got to work, and chipping in the early afternoon.

But it was totally worth it for the color. Totally. The whole hour while it was still looking good.

Swedish word of the day:
lera -noun clay, mud
Sprinkle ground violets on top and you have Paradoxal.


  1. I totally agree! The formula was NOT the best as well as the wear. This was my first chanel too. The only other one that I would buy would be holographic.

  2. är jag den enda som verkligen inte gillar detta lack? tycker det är jättetrist .//

  3. That's so weird, I was so impressed with the Chanel formula. It applied well for me and stayed up for five days! I got a bit of tipwear and my topcoat dulled but otherwise, it was amazing on me. And I generally don't like Chanel polishes...

  4. Sorry about the application. The color is very nice, as are the pictures. But for that kind of price, the application should be damn near flawless, in my opinion.

  5. Det är fint men inte så fint att jag kastar mig ut på eBay och jagar det. Skönt...

  6. Tycker det ser lite meh ut. Sen är jag inte så mycket för jord-toner, har hellre knallfärger. Så det är nog inget för mig. :) Glansen ser fin ut iallafall!

  7. I really can't understand all the hype about this color. Sorry, but I can't. I don't like it at all. MAYBE I'd buy it if it was a 2 € Essence, but Chanel... no thanks.

    P.S: Are you still wearing acrylics? Your nails look great.

  8. This is a pretty color, but it's not something I'd buy for myself, I think. Still, I love the hint of violet it shows at certain angles, and I love your description at the end even more!

    I have to admit, I've had so much fun reading your blog that I've added you to my blogroll. At least this way I won't lose you!

  9. I bought this last week. It was my first Chanel nail polish purchase. The beautiful pictures of this polish finally got to me. I hope it looks as good as the photos. I know it killed me spending that much money for the polish. Especially when I read that it's not a great formula.

  10. contests and such: I'm all on your side on this one!

    krex: Tror jag inte. :) Men jag gillar både lila och brunt, och krocken däremellan är spännande för tanter som jag. ;)

    flinty: That really once again proves how differently all products work on different people! Congratulations on being compatible with the Chanel formula. :)

    Aurora's Nails: I feel that too, but still I'm not surprised or bummed in any way (I seldom have too much expectations on anything). And evidently it works great for some, but it's like with Zoya- for al that talk I expect it to work for most people, more than some!

    Sminkan: Skulle inte jag göra heller. :) Kunde dock tänka mig att betala "normalpris", så det blidde så...

    Honi: Jag ska dock gärna medge att mina foton verkligen är helt värdelösa, men jag antar att du sett massor med andra swatchar också! Personligen passar färgen mig rätt bra. :)

    nihrida: Peronally I could never understand the hype about Jade. But a few bucks for Claire's dupe is okay for a green polish, even though not my favourite shade of green. ;) I guess it all comes down to personal preferences. I wanted to try this color sooner than I expect the dupes to be out, I just couldn't restrain myself! I never wore acrylics. But gels! xD (Sorry, just had to!) My left index is the only nail that is still with some gel on it. But it looks funky. I'm just too lazy to get that damn shit off.

    Laynie: Awwe, thank you! I'm very glad there are actually people who want to read this piece of crap blog! xD I gotta go take a look at yours!

    Lucy: I really believe (and hope!) you won't regret getting this one, I sure don't despite the formula! I really like the color. :)


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