Friday, August 13, 2010

The Rebellion of those behind

Well, that would be mine. Here are two of the polishes from Color Club's Rebel Debutante collection. That you have already choked to death on.

High Society. Lovely mouse-y slightly purple leaning taupe. But you already knew that. This is three coats. Not as opaque as Color Club polishes usually are, but still. Totally worth it.

Uptown Girl. Slightly boring dusty purple. Nice, but not really my style. Sadly, I have forgotten if this was two or three coats. But you probably tried it out already.

Swedish word of the day:
kräm -noun crème, cream
not to be confused with
kräm -noun a compote like stew of fruit, thickened with potato starch and served with milk - most popular varieties are strawberry, apple or raspberry (no, there was no decent wiki article on the subject)
grädde -noun cream, a dairy product


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Uptown Girl! ^_^

  2. Would you believe I don't have either of these? It's true! I enjoy seeing "classic" polishes in posts, it doesn't have to be new, new, new all the time.

  3. Jag tycker den "tråkiga" lila var jättefin! Min favorit av de två! Och jag har inte ett enda lack ur den kollektionen trots att jag gillar Color Club. De fick inte mitt hjärta att slå dubbelslag så jag beställde dem aldrig.

  4. I really like High Society and I also had Uptown Girl on my wishlist (based on Scrangie's swatches) I'm taking UG really does look boring. And I have something like it already. But as I said: I love HS!

  5. High society ended up going to a taupe lover at work!!

    I agree with you on Uptown!

  6. I love both of these (and thankfully I have them)! :D

  7. Love love this collection! Those two colors are gorgeous!

  8. KeysGoRound: And I love that we all feel differently about the colors! :D

    KarenD: I completely agree with you. In a time when most bloggers are competing about being the first to post swatches of new collections, there is nothing I appreciate more than those who take time to post about some of the hidden pearls of their stashes! A good mix is always the best way to go, I reckon. :)

    Sminkan: Jag förstår precis vad du menar. Inte ofta man blir helt till sig av neutrala cremelacker på bild... Men jag har lärt mig att jag rätt ofta blir rätt till mig när de väl är på nageln! Uptown Girl får nog flytta till swaphögen dock... :D

    nihrida: But maybe my swatches doesn't do UG justice. ;) Maybe Scrangie's are more true to reality! :D But seriously, I felt it was really meh. But I did have compliments on it... Still.

    Rebekah: Aww, that's nice! I'm unsure if I could really ever part with mt High Society. It's beautiful. :)

    Steelnpurple: Happy days! :D

    Aurora's Nails: I agree with half of your opinion! Or, rather, 3/4! xD


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