Thursday, August 19, 2010

s-he 466

Here is another one I got from the lovely and dear nihrida. This one I had a hard time waiting to try out, but somehow things or polishes) got in between all the time. Well, finally!

s-he 466. Isn't is just pure awesomesauce?! This is two coats. The base is either a super greyed out green, or a green tinted grey. Pick your own choice. And golden shimmer on top of that... Does it get better? Okay, I love many of my polishes, but this one gets a high rank!

Apparently, s-he is a German brand and from what I understand sold in more countries than just Germany, since our honey nihrida is located in Slovenia. And yet again I caught myself thinking: why so many great European brands that never, ever come to Sweden? s-he, Essence, Catrice, p2... Polish in Sweden is so boring. Do you hear that, Swedish cosmetics companies?! Do you hear that, Swedish importers and distributors?! Damn you all.

Jealousy has a face, and it's the face of a Scandinavian polish addict, left out in the cold!

Swedish word of the day:
avundsjuka -noun envy
You get the point.


  1. oooh-me like it reminds me of diamond never so evergreen, and that new RBL real housewives of the tudor(its kissing cousin) ..makes you wonder??? o well very pretty and the diamond is 2.25 a bottle

  2. I think this shade is one of my favorite S-he shades. It's so pretty and if it was Chanel everybody would be all over it. =D

  3. I have it, I love it, I can't make it work with my skintone, I don't care.


  4. Supersnyggt, tror det skulle göra så att min hud ser helt grå ut dock :(

  5. oohwaaa i la la love this color!

  6. Wow! What a unique color! I love it! :D

  7. I love this green. Beautiful shade on you. I wish we could get this brand in the states.

  8. aaminahs mom: I understand your thinking here, but I don't think they're really dupish - I coulds work out a comparison if you'd like me to. :) I believe the s-he has way more subtle shimmere than the DC.

    Sminkan: Visst är den?! :)

    nihrida: Bang on target pal (this stupid frase is from a movie... Or maybe a quote from some comedian? IDK, but it bothers me that it turns up in my head all the fucking time! xD), this one is a unique hottie, but since it's an "unsignificant" European brand- what do we get to hear about it?! Nothing, except from truly unprejudiced blogs like yours. <3

    Eva: I love the way your mind works, woman! xD

    Honi: Se Evas kommentar, och mitt svar ovan. ;) Om man vill bära det, skit i allt och GÖR DET! :D

    kelliegonzo: Start harassing the girls with access! ;D

    Spunkster: It truly is! :)

    Lucy: You could probably work out a swap deal with one of the lovely ladies who has access. :) Friends is a great thing to have, as I recall someone commenting a little while back ;) and within this community of nail polish fanatics I have gotten to know so many lovely ladies who have helped me getting stuff I thought I'd never even see in reality! <3


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