Saturday, August 28, 2010

s-he vs Diamond Cosmetics

A while back when I posted s-he 466, aaminah's mom commented that maybe the s-he could be close to Diamond Cosmetics Never So Evergreen. Here you can see for yourselves.

Now, the s-he to the left and Diamond Cosmetics to the right...

Get both if you can. ;)

Swedish word of the night:
grågrön -adjective greyish green
Because we still like putting words together.


  1. I want Swedish lessons on video! :o)

  2. EA: Maybe I'll do one some day when I'm drunk or just plain crazy. ;D Muhahaha!

  3. They are both gorgeous colors. I'll have to check out the one from DC.

  4. Yep, there's nothing like this S-he one... =)

  5. thanks for giving a side by that brand s-he availible in the US? i really would like that one too.but you gotta give it up for both of em they are awesome.!!!! it thinks thats cool we learn a swedish word every post your blog :D

  6. aaminahs mom: Sorry for my late response! I believe the answer is no. :/ s-he is a German brand and may be found in Germany and a few other European countries - maybe try to set up a swap with someone? :)


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