Friday, August 20, 2010

Snap, Crackle and Pop

Not really. But crackle!

The lovely Emybloom sent me one of her IsaDora Graffiti polishes, because she could. Isn't that sweet?! This is Subway Green, the one I of course wanted the most- hey, it's green -even though it is the hardest to work with from what I have read.

I realised early on that it would be too sheer to look nice in just one coat, and since this is a crackle polish that dries quicker than any other, I had to dang on the second coat rrrrrrrrrreally fast. The result is... well, a result of just that. But despite being far from the promo pictures, I loved it.

Loved it! Even more chaotic than the usual cracks (whatever that is), and even my better half spontaneously called it cool. That never happens when it's about nail polish.

And if you're wondering, this is what it looks like before adding the topcoat.

These photos have undergone a bit of color correction. The base polish, LA Girl Metal Chromium Green, which I would normally blog about before the layering color, was so hard to photograph and turned out pretty far from reality. Subway Green kind of did too, but not as much. Still, strangely enough, Subway Green looks like a cool toned green borderlining on teal in the bottle, but is more of a true green in its sheer state applied to the nail.

Well, I have been editing some photos tonight and I had absolutely no luck, so the afore mentioned LA Girl most likely wont even be published on its own. Tomorrow I'll be working both my jobs, so there will be a bit of a blogging silence for a few days. Hope you'll still like me when I'm back. ;)

Swedish word of the night:
trött -adjective tired
Because I am.


  1. That looks awesome like that :D


  2. I usually dislike crackles, but you made this one look good!
    Reminds me of a map :)

  3. I dont usually like green but that looks awesome!!! :)

  4. That looks way better than the promos. I don't get that about Isadora, they just don't seem to care to make good ads? That the reason I didn't buy any but looking at this, I am thinking I should have.

  5. I love this! It looks sooo much better than other crackle polishes I've seen! =]

  6. I like this! It reminds me of a swamp but in a good way :P

  7. it looks like so much fun! i bet it would look cool with a matte topcoat too!

  8. Wow, this is gorgeous. I love what you used as a base coat. I love greens and this is beautiful.

  9. I need these! I love the ultra crackle!

  10. wow that one crackeld big time! looks chaotic in a very nice way though <3

  11. Snyggt! Själv testade jag Subway Green ovanpå China Glaze QT. Har precis skrivit ett inlägg om Chromium Green så jag vet hur svår den är att fota =)

  12. Snyggt! Jag gillar ton-i-ton grejen.

  13. Jag säger aldrig cool. Jag säger: kool!

  14. Emybloom: <3

    Sarah B.: It does! :D

    Julie: If I can somehow convert a green hater into a green lover, my job is done. ;)

    schmut: Swedish cosmetics companies overall pretty much suck in the advertising department. Depend are slowly getting there, but otherwise... Yawn.

    Janna: Interesting that you think so! :D

    tasha~: What do swamps look like in your country?! LOL I get what you're saying though, looks completely overgrown with moss or something. :)

    jbrobeck: I'm positive it would! :D

    Lucy: At least the base color is readily available in the states! :)

    Evil Angel: Start stalking someone who had money when these came out! xD The displays were emptied in a matter of HOURS. O.o

    Kacy: It is!

    chocaddict: I love chaos! The less uniform, the better. ;) Well, come to think about it, I love uniform chaos too. And uniform non-chaos. :D

    roxcat: Visst var det ett helvete?! Funkade inte ens att color correcta tillräckligt dugligt. :D

    Sminkan: Ton-i-ton är underskattat! :)

    Steelnpurple: Did you find any of these?!

    Fredrik: Att du gör. :D :*

  15. I just got the black in a swap, and I have so many ideas, I can not wait!!!

  16. I recently went to a beauty expo here and saw a booth selling crackle nail polishes. But it was so expensive I didn't buy one. Now, after seeing this post, I wished at least I bought one! :(


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