Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Walk like Nefertiti

Apparently, Nefertiti means The Beautiful One Has Come.

Lippmann Collection Nefertiti. Is she the beautiful one who has come? Well, at least she's golden. And I think Nefertiti is a suitable name for a polish like this, a fine golden foil. Or... Is it really? The closeup photo suggests why this gold polish turns out cool toned. It's actually a blend of gold and silver foil particles. Very refined, very nice. I like it.

Gold isn't one of the me colors, I am one of those people who always preferred silver jewelry, but Nefertiti was the first gold polish- maybe the only one -I fell in love with. I thought I would never own her because of the availability of Lippmann Collection in Sweden, which equals very little and very expensive, and I figured no one would ever want to swap away a polish like this one. But the day came, and I am so happy to have been able to fulfill such a lemming. Now that I have worn it, I know it is nice, but I don't get a kick out of gold.

Sorry. Couldn't help myself. Growing up in the 80's has ruined my sense of taste.

Swedish word of the day:
guld -noun gold
Because it's apparently the shizzle.


  1. Looove it!Silver and gold look good together!

  2. This is so gosh darn pretty!

  3. I don't usually like gold either, all my jewelry is silver except one pair of earrings that were passed down to me from my great great grandmother. This polish is very pretty though, gold and silver is interesting together.

  4. hahaha I'm glad you inserted that video at the end, I actually had that song in my head as soon as I read your post title ^_^
    The colors is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. It's very pretty! You made me laugh with the video :D

  6. Beautiful color! i wonder how it would suit my skintone, though. Waayyyy-ooooooooooh waaaaaaaaay-oooooooooh, thanks for the song haha!

  7. I'm a silver person too, but this polish I could actually wear. :) Love that song :D.

  8. Mycket tjusigt! Jag har funderat länge på om det skulle vara värt att investera i lacket men kan aldrig bestämma mig. Det är fint men är det fint nog för priset? Du hade tur som kunde swappa till dig det!

  9. ahhh. i love the bangles. love. (born in 1980!)

    i am so happy to see there is a gold that is really a mix of gold and silver! i might actually be able to wear this one!

  10. Serena: It is! Although, I had no idea this polish was built in that particular way when I started lemming it. I guess I just figured it was enough cool toned for my taste. :) I didn't notice the blend until I started applying it!

    chocaddict: :D The title is of course a pun. ;) And now that song has been stuck in my head for the last 24 hours or so! My co-workers must hate me. Lol

    Michelle: Hell, I made myself laugh! xD

    Aurora's Nails: All the cops in the donut shop say: whaaaay-oooooh-whaaaaaaaaay-oooooh-whaaaaaaaaaaaay-oh-whaaaay-ooooooooooh! *whistles* xD

    Sminkan: Hade aldrig betalat 16-18 pickadoller för ett guldlack. :) Men swappade gladeligen bort två OPIs för detta. :D

    jbrobeck: I don't particularily love The Bangles, but I was also born in 1980. :D Damn, I remember this one so much from my childhood! It was a great one for a 6 year old! Lol

  11. Holy WOW, that is insane! That is so incredibly gorgeous I just want to ... I don't even know! I love polishes that are a bit different, and I'm beginning to think that anything Lippmann is going to qualify as different! Such a gorgeous polish...


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