Thursday, September 30, 2010

A couple comparisons

I've had a few requests lately, and I'm always eager to make my readers happy! There are still a few I'm behind on, but I'm getting there, be sure!

Today I'm posting two comparison requests. The first one is for two blue OPI glitters, the Burlesque glitter Simmer & Shimmer and Absolutely Alice from the Alice in Wonderland special released in the early year.

Absolutely Alice and Simmer & Shimmer...

...and the other way around: Simmer & Shimmer, and Absolutely Alice.

As you can see the main thing these have in common is being glitters. Sure, they're both blue-ish, but Simmer & Shimmer is a multicolored glitter while Absolutely Alice is predominantly blue with the sparse gold. So, if you're into blue glitters, of course you need both.

The next comparison was requested by my Polish polish loving reader zygzag: how do Mossy Britches by Nina Ultra Pro compare to other mossy and golden greens?

Guppy 77, Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches, Nfu Oh 125.

And in the same order. Pictured are four coats each of the Guppy and Nfu Oh, and only two of the Nina Ultra Pro.

You can tell already by the bottles they aren't that much alike. Mossy Britches is the most golden one, and also the most brush strokey, and the Nfu Oh is the most green. The latter one is also painfully sheer and really need all four coats, while the Guppy may only require three- I used four because, frankly, my bottle is a wreck, almost empty because it was subject to an unfortunate accident, involving my then 3 year old daughter and her curious little fingers... She ended up with a rather cool skew haircut and I ended up missing one set of bed linen in my drawers...

Swedish word of the day:
olycka -noun accident
Sometimes they happen.


  1. Nice comparisons!
    Omg, your daughter ended up with polish in her hair?? Oh my...what a mess!
    But well, I've done similar things as a child :P

  2. Glad I didn't buy Simmer&Shimmer, I like Alice the most
    Can't wait for my order wit5 the 5 Burlesque polishes to arrive after seeing your swatches yesterday!

  3. Thanks for the glitter comparison, I think I'll stick with AA :):)

  4. Love the comparisons but the stories are intriguing the way you tell them. :) That Nina Ultra Pro reminds me of Nubar's Wildlife (it was a duochrome)...No comparison needed, was just pondering is all. Thank you!

  5. Thank you very much for this comparison. I have nfu and I love the colour, this definitely helps decide that I can pass nina and maybe still leave guppy on my wish list.

    As to funny stories, my daughter took a black polish, which I left on the table for 3 seconds and spilled it all on the carpet and sofa....Well, actually it is not funny, it was terrible...

  6. One more thing, do you have savina money tree? It is extremely sheer but great for layering. Put it on gold, yellow or brown and you will get fantastic mossy greens. I managed to make Revlon toad dupe in this way.

  7. Sarah B.: Not only in her hair - everywhere! xD It was an incredible messI'll tell you. There was polish all over her, the bed and the bath tub for a long time after, haha!

    zygzag: No, unfortunately I don't! Might look it up in the future though, thanks for the tip! :) And those little girls... :D I try to laugh at it though, it kind of makes things easier! ;D


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