Sunday, September 12, 2010

Depend Fall 2010

Fall is definitely here in Sweden. Outside my bedroom window the maples are turning yellow, orange and red. Combined with the still green it makes for the most beautiful season I know. Unfortunately, the sun has fled into its usual fall absence. So when I shot my photos of the Depend fall collection this morning, the weather was gloomy, and left a greyish cast over the colors. But here they are anyway.

The purples.

The icky frosts.

The re-releases. 161 is your typical warm, deep coral pink neon, not orange like it seems in this photo.

And last but certainly not least: my favourites.

Let us look at them all together, sorted by number- which is the only labeling Depends have.

Many colors to choose from- a definite forte of Depend collections. There is usually something for everyone.

14. 161
15. 171
16. 202
17. 203
18. 204
1. 205
2. 206
3. 207
4. 208
5. 209
6. 210

All these are at three coats except the re-released 171, which is a solid one-coater. With some of these you may get away with two coats if your nails aren't too long, but personally I'm a sucker for depth in shimmers and tend to apply that third coat just because.

And now on to some closeups...

202. A vivid medium purple with fine silver shimmer that still isn't frosty.

204. Blackened midnight blue and one of my favourites. Hardly unique, but still oh so pretty.

And for your amusement or dismay, the icky frosts again: 206, 207 and 208. They all have that hopeless frosty, brush-strokey silver shimmer. 206 is a grey base, 207 is a minty green and 208 is a warm brown base, which really looks disgusting with the silver frost. Think of it as Misa Earthward's really uptight right-wing conservative granny. There's actually another shade with the same frost shimmer: the warm, rosy purple 203 (17 in the wheel photo). It's that granny's almost as conservative sister.

209. Red sheer jelly base filled with fleck shimmer in cooler colors, which makes this shade an overall red toned purple.

210. Hold on to your hats here: I think this may actually be a wearable yellow shimmer! My fellow Swedish colleague Anne from Nailtastic showed us this one the other day.

Overall I think this collection has a few nice ones, but others are so terrible I'm beginning to fear for the people by some sometimes referred to as color fairies. Are they sane? Why the hell would anyone want a sheer-ish light minty green frost?! In this collection we get no less than four lacquers of the particular finish we all love to hate so much. I don't know what's wrong with the trend interpretators, but they must be blind. Let's hope that 2011 will be a frost free year.

That being said, I really really like 209. It's actually a bit complex, which is a feature I think we're not exactly spoiled with when it comes to Swedish brands of nail color. The downside is that it's sheer, but it may be a great layering color. Have to try that some day.

Depend is a brand that usually follows the trends and interprets them, but sometimes they manage to put out something unique. Since I'm not a huge consumer of yellow polishes I can't tell for sure, but I feel that 210 may actually be a little different for a yellow shimmer, both in color and finish. The ways of 209 we may have seen before, but I do feel the color is unique. At least I don't have a polish like this one. 204, the blackened blue, isn't unique, but it's pretty. If I had, for example, Essie's Midnight Cami, I would be interested in comparing them. I'm sure I have something like it somewhere, but if you're in Scandinavia and don't then go pick it up! And speaking of Essie, I'm a huge fan of throwing in a neon or two in a fall collection. Damn right we need to brighten up our gloomy fall days.

Swedish word of the day:
höst -noun fall
It's here.


  1. The only ones I don't like in this collection is the yellow one and the gray silvery one. The others are sooo pretty! :D

  2. I'm diggin' 207 and 209...but ew, brushstrokes. I don't see any in your picture, but I am not exactly graceful when it comes to painting my nails, so it probably wouldn't work for me.

    I wish I could be in Sweden in the fall and winter! I was there one summer and it was absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to go back :)

  3. 205,209 and 202 are so pretty. Specially 209!

  4. Tror att frosten är till för dom där vanliga människorna. Tycker jag bara ser sådana färger på folk som inte... Eh... Gärna uttrycker sig när det kommer till sina naglar. :)

  5. I really like 204 and 205, but I'm a sucker for blues.

    I'm curious, does anyone actually like frosts anymore?


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