Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Disco Impossibles

Continuing the series of posts lacking true substance: LA Girl Disco Brites Hustle. It's just like most other super brights, impossible to photograph correctly, so here's the color corrected versions.

But I still hate my index.

In an attempt to save myself some time I tried a little layering on top of this one, by applying two coats of Sally Hansen HD DVD.

No cleanup, sorry, and colors still off. My camera hates, hates magenta. And I still hate my index.

Peculiar this, I find that I hate wearing shimmers when my nails are too short. I usually stick to cremes. It just looks more sophisticated on shorties. Or at least on my shorties. Do you have different preferences for different nail lengths?

Swedish word of the day:
skada -noun injury
My nail suffered some.


  1. I tend to go for the lighter colors when my nails are short and more rich/vampy colors when they are long.
    Since I've had to cut them short for learning to play the piano...I have decided I will wear whatever the eff I want to. :)

  2. However...I tried Nfu Oh #557 last night and flooded cuticles galore, staining everywhere...I removed it all and went with nothing but basecoat for today. I was tired! :)

  3. Hustle looks amazing! I love this color so much... and I agree with you. Creme nail polishes look better on short nails. Classic colors too, like red, black...

  4. Nice layering! And about Hustle, is it creme or jelly? It seems a bit jellyish in the first picture.

  5. Nice color and layering :)
    I love violet-blues.

  6. I tend to go with really vampy and dark colors when mine are short, and get into the brighter and more playful colors when they are long. I also do more full nail konads when they are short, and more smaller decorations when they are long.

  7. Elizabeth: I like the way you think! ;) I usually go for wearing whatever I want to as well, but lately since I've had severe nubbinization on some fingers, I have been very self conscious. :/

    nihrida: Yes! Nothing beats red on short nails! Oh man, it's tempting...

    Mathilda Garbo: It is a bit jellyish, but not super obvious. Unfortunately I can't remember if this was two or three coats, but I'd take a guess at three, which would make it pretty much a jelly...

    Sarah B.: Me too, but not as much as greens. xD

    Original_Wacky: That seems close to my own feelings on the matter. :) I am kind of glad I don't have to worry about the Konad stuff though. Can you believe I own more than 700 polishes but haven't ever tried Konad?! :D


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