Monday, September 20, 2010

Golden brown shimmers... or?

Now that fall is here in the northern hemisphere, some of us feel like digging out our nice, golden, bronzy browns... But are they really that brown? Let's take a look at four of them I found in my stash.

For an eternity or two, I have been searching like a mad woman for a replacement for a shimmery, rich dark brown I used to own. It was a round H&M bottle from the late 90's, and its name was Rusty. I loved it, I used it a lot, and when half the content was gone, it became thick and gloopy and I... threw it away. You have heard the story before. Many of us did this before we knew better.

Since then I have been searching. The four polishes depicted above is some of those I tried filling that bronzy brown void with. Clockwise from bottom left, they are OPI Espresso Your Style!, China Glaze Side-Saddle, China Glaze Unplugged, and Jessica Hot Fudge.

It didn't take me long to see that Side-Saddle, which have mostly been referred to as brown, is actually very clearly purple. Somehow, it seems these kinds of colors play tricks on us. To show this, I shot a wheel photo at one coat only.

Left to right: China Glaze Unplugged, Jessica Hot Fudge, OPI Espresso Your Style! and China Glaze Side-Saddle. Arranged from less to more purple base.


But, here they are fully opaque, in three coats.

Hmm... They look... brown. And the only one that really was all along, was Unplugged. I guess it's the yummy, golden shimmer that heats them up a notch.

Well, it doesn't keep me from liking this particular group of polishes, and especially this season of the year. They are so cozy... But none of these can replace my beloved old H&M.

Swedish word of the day:
brun -adjective brown
Today, Sweden kind of is.


  1. very beautıful
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  2. awesome fall colors. I've been pulling mine out too and I have to agree that one coat as opposed to fully opaque is quite an interesting contrast for some lacquers.

  3. how interesting! i would never have thunk it.

  4. my new favorite is China Glaze's Ingrid!

  5. Fina färger :) Brunt känns alltid så höstigt!

  6. Awesome post! This is riduclous. They look brown in the bottle. I need ChG Side saddle!


  7. Lacquer ware for tips and toes: Yes! I actuallt remember a debate on the MUA nailboard some year or so ago, when we discussed how differently we perceive certain colors. Side-Saddle was one I brought up. Even though it apperas brown, I categorize it as a purple, since the base so clearly is. I always categorize by base color. :) Or particle color if the base is uncolored. ;)

    jbrobeck: Can you actually say that?! "thunk". :D I'm puzzled. As always when it comes to this weird language called English! xD

    TheBellJar: I haven't used mine yet..! But it doesn't entirely fit into this category anyway. Still, pretty as few!

    Sarah B.: Yes, it's pure awesomeness!

    Monica Hansen: Just så! xD

    Honi: Ja! Det värsta är att jag gärna bunkrar upp på bruna, men jag lyckas fan aldrig använda dem... O.o

    Alexisaurus: I know! I believe even the manufacturers categorize them as browns... Well, some of them actually are. ;) And yes, you do need Side-Saddle. :)


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