Monday, September 6, 2010

Helmer + Antonius = Love

Organizing the Stash part 1

A long time ago, after reading about Helmer on the Nailboard, I took a trip to IKEA and got one for myself. As many of you probably know, a Helmer can contain up to 500 polishes so I had no problem to fit my collection. However, I found myself frustrated because I couldn’t get a good overview of my collection – I just saw a lot of bottle caps. Like most Swedes I visit IKEA quite often and during another visit, I found the basket insert Antonius.

Link to Antonius on the Swedish IKEA site
Link to Antonius on the American IKEA site

This is Helmer with Antonius:

I bought another Helmer and one Antonius for each drawer.

Antonius fits perfectly if you cut off a small strip along the long side, see the picture above (the left side).

Swedish word of the day:
Lådinsats -noun basket insert
Because I love mine


  1. Ooo! So does one basket fit a drawer and does it increase the amount of polish a drawer can hold? Man I may need to go to Ikea. Again!

  2. I meant - does it descrease the amount of polish. Ugh, it's early!

  3. Bra ide, men i mine Helmer står lakkene presset inn med kun millimeters avstand, så med disse i måtte jeg ha hatt 7-8 Helmere. :P

  4. Oh clever! :)Looks like it'll fit less polishes though?

  5. KrisInPhilly - Yes, that's why I had to buy another Helmer :) One basket fits a drawer!

    Karianne - Ja, det är ju nackdelen. Eftersom jag bara har runt 300 lacker så klarar jag mig på 2 Helmer men snart behövs det en tredje. Ett alternativ är ju att bara ha Antonius i några av lådorna.

  6. Anne - Yes, I think I have to count when I get home (yes, I'm posting from work)

  7. I'm confused. Who wrote this post? Feline or Cammi?

  8. Oooh, I just got a Melmer. I was torn between the two, but as I see more Helmer picks, I kind of wish I got one of those instead!!

    I tagged you with a couple of blog awards:


  9. Ah I still haven't plunged into getting a Helmer but I will and I will get inserts at the same time! Great tip!

  10. i have been looking for this, i use a ton of little dollar tree baskets but they can be annoying.

  11. nihrida: The blogger format is acting up on me. There are like fifteen million different things that just won't show up in this blog no matter how I do it, and specifying the user who posted is one of them. :/ It's visible if you read via RSS though, but not in the blog itself.

  12. It looks like it definitely decreases the amount you can store in a drawer, but what a FABULOUS Idea, thanks for sharing!


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