Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Orly Space Cadet

I got three polishes from the Orly Cosmic FX collection. This is Space Cadet, a purple/blurple based golden green duochrome with a coppery flash and pink sparkle!?!? The base is pretty sheer so this is four coats.

Swedish word of the day:
rymd -noun space
Guess why!


  1. I want this polish sooo much >.<

  2. Simply stunning! I want it so bad! :D

  3. Have it, Love it, Looks awesome on you!

  4. I love this colour! It's a shame that it needs 4 coats

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  5. I went to Sally's yesterday to get this one and Galaxy Girl and both were sold out (along with Halley's Comet). She told me they would get more in Friday, so hopefully I'll get my hands on them then!

  6. All Cosmic FX are gorgeous. But I think this one is my fave!

    The color reminds me of cooked brussel sprouts ( Ok, I know I'm

  7. Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes - I do to!

    LadyLuck27 & Steelnpurple - You should get it!

    Morgaine - thanks!

    Beauty Addict - Yes, I am not a fan of 4 coaters, I usually just do 2 but I think this one might be worth it!

    Serena - I hope you will find them on friday then (only two days to go)!

    Sarah B - The mind works in mysterious ways =) I think I'm polish damaged because Space Cadet only reminded me of Nubar Purple Beach (with added pink shimmer)

  8. That is amazing and your pics are amazing! I need to hunt this one down !

  9. ♥ Can't wait to wear this - THAT IS ALL!!!


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