Sunday, September 26, 2010

Red Velvet

Check out Color Club's Red Velvet, from Untamed Luxury, even though you've all already seen it.

Yeah, it's bumpy. I'm a bit annoyed by bumpy polishes. However, I have figured out a way to make them less bumpy, that I find usually works. You just gotta have a shitload of time on your hands, almost literally, as the best way to even it out is to let the coats dry thoroughly in between. Lastly, to let all the coats to dry for quite a while before slapping on your trusty thick topcoat (I use Nubar Diamont).

Depicted is three coats of Red Velvet. Dried thorughly. Then two coats of Diamont. Still bumpy. So, grab a huge pinch of salt when it comes to my less-bumpy method.

I was also a bit curious of how these typical red glitter in black base polishes really do compare. Because, they all look the same, don't they? Still, buying more...

These are the ones I have: China Glaze's now classic Lubu Heels, Red Velvet and Eyeko Vampira Polish for Gothic Nails, which was gifted to me by the lovely Emybloom not long ago.

In the same order:

Not much different. Lubu Heels was the most sheer. Most dense is the Eyeko. Also, the Eyeko is the most smooth, the one that glides on without much effort, compared to the others.

These have been topcoated, with lots of drying time on between. Vampira needed only one coat. Lubu Heels and Red Velvet needed three to look like this.

Needless to say, Vampira would be my pick, if you own none, want one and can find it. In second place I would put Red velvet, and Lubu Heels in third, because of how sheer it is- sheer but not jellyish.

Swedish word of the day:
svart -adjective black
With a hint of sparkle.


  1. I really appreciate this comparison - I couldn't get good pictures at all when I tried.

    Much love to you!

  2. Du har så snygga naglar! Lacket är också fint, även om det är lite skrovligt. :-)

  3. Love the color, hate the bumbs. Maybe I should pick up the Vampira instead...seems like the best bet.

  4. Thanks for the combarison!I like this combination a lot,so I'll sure pick one up :)

  5. great comp! i am gonna swap away my lubu heels now!

  6. Nice tips doll!!

    I still do not own a black polish w/red glitter. So now I know which one to get ;)

    This really suits you!

    Btw, have you shortened your nails?

  7. I have to get one of these polishes in my collection asap. I love them and they are so me.

  8. I'm thinking this Color club would be a good one for my collection. Thanks for the comparison too...I wish I could get my hands on Eyeko.

  9. Nice comparison! I love this color. You photographed it much better than I was able to!

  10. Meh nää, jag har ju bara Lubu Heels (otestad förstås) och den kom sist! =(

  11. Thanx for that comparison! Pity I saw it after I ordered Lubu Heels...

  12. I LOVE Red Velvet! Great comparison, I need at least one of these laquers! <3

  13. Vampira är snygg! Min favorit i den här gruppen är dock Precision Rebel Red in You. Den är underbar! Lubu heels är hopplös för den alldeles för skir.

  14. Emybloom: And much love to you for sending me the Vampira! <3

    Nailtastic: Tack så mycket, även om jag inte håller med dig! :D <3

    Sarah B.: Yes and no. ;D At the time I posted this, I hadn't! However, this one was a bit from the vault of unposted... Or rather... I had my camera full of manicures that I had no time to post while I was working so much, and when I finally did, I posted them in a different order than they were worn. So this manicure is older than the one in the post before. xD But, now I have shortened my nails for real. ;D Back at ass wiping job...

    Sminkan: Den har jag inte ens sett! O.o


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