Monday, September 20, 2010

Rising Star and Extra-Va-Vaganza

So I finally tried Rising Star from the Burlesque collection. It's a golden copper foil and it doesn't suit me...

So I tried some layering with Extra-Va-Vaganza from the same collection, and this is what I got:

Swedish word of the day:
nervositet -noun nervousness
Because I will be a little nervous until this election is over.


  1. Do you know when these will be released in stores? All these pictures are making me antsy! :D

  2. It's quite nice with the glitters on the tip. About Rising Star, is it similar to Orly's Glitz and Glamour, or is it warmer?

  3. Wow! It almost feels like a Halloween Glitz kind of thing!
    I like it!

  4. Erin - they will be available in stores in the middle of november in Sweden so probably before then in the US

    Mathilda - I don't have Glitz and Glamour but I think Rising Star is more orange and GaG is more golden

    Paillette - If you want Halloween Glitz, wait until you see my next post! :)


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