Friday, September 24, 2010

Show it and Glow it! vs Mad as a Hatter

About a week ago when I posted pictures of Show it and Glow it! from the OPI Burlesque collection, someone asked me if I could do a comparison of Show it and Glow it" and Mad as a Hatter so here it is:

Mad as a Hatter (middle and pinkie) is three coats and Show it & Glow it (index and ring) is two coats. Crappy application but glitters are hard to control. Mad as a Hatter has a clear base (and more silver glitter) and is therefore more sheer than Show it & Glow It! that has a magenta, purple base. No dupes!

The Burlesque collection is now available at TD!

Swedish word of the day:
jämförelse -noun comparison
Because we love them!


  1. Hot damn look at your nails woman! They look gorgeous!
    I loike S&G better I think

  2. Mad as a Hatter is nice but Show it and Glow It HOLY CRAP! I love the purple in it! I can't wait to get my handson that collection :)

  3. wow..that is soo glittery!! I love it!! I have to get myself that nail polish!

  4. I like S&G better. The application was better and it was more opaque. It´s availabe at TD now so go get it!

  5. love it! does show it and glow it last longer than mad as a hatter??? (those glitters won't even last a day :(


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