Friday, September 24, 2010

Snow on my wishlist

Few things are more fun than the annual, occational Color Club mini sets. I was waiting anxiously for them this year, and ordered them first chance I got. Below is a crappy photo of the christmas set Enchanted Holiday.

Now, you would have believed me to try the green one out first, right? Wrong! I decided on another favourite as of late, with these:

Snowflakes and Wish List Red. And you know what I'm into right now..? Right? Sure you do.

Glitter gradient! This time with one glitter on op of another. Oooooooh la la.

Snowflakes is a cute mix of varied sized glitters. A little gold, a little iridescent, a little bit of everything, but crispy cute.

And just because I can:

I made this one just like the prior. Just dragging the glitter out from a french line, towards the cuticle. It usually evens out just perfectly once you add a thick topcoat.

However, when I first started examine the bottles in person, I immediately believed Wish List Red might be a re-promote of Ruby Slippers, which is now in the core line, but also appeared in a previous holiday set. I dragged my bottle out and painted one coat each on a wheel. Take a look.

Wish List red to the left and to the right Ruby Slippers. Click to enlarge. They have the same glitter, and the only difference really is the density of the polishes. I have examined these closely to try to figure out if the visible differences are because I painted one thicker than the other, but I believe I did them basically the same. Built up to opacity, Wish List Red may be a tad cooler, but it's not really noticable.

Still. Do we really care? The Color Club sets are cute and cheap. We can afford a dupe or two.

Swedish word of the day:
snöflinga -noun snowflake
I hope they stay away a little longer...


  1. En supersöt manikyr! Jag gillade ju aldrig Ruby Slippers, inte jämfört med de många andra röda glitter i röd bas som man har. Den här ser dock förtjusande ut på dig, vare sig den är en dupe eller inte. Kanske beror på att den har det andra glittret över sig?

  2. I've got CG Techno on top of CG Luna right now and that sparkles, I tell you - try it!

  3. Sminkan: Konstigt det där, för jag älskade Ruby Slippers också. :D Den här beter sig ungefär likadant, glittret är detsamma. Tror jag lade bara ett lager Diamont över också!

    Sanna: I'd be afraid of the removal process. ;) I'm off glitters for a while, I've done so many lately that my nails are truly hurting. lol

  4. Very pretty color. Can't wait to see the rest

  5. I love that glitter gradient...awsesome :)

  6. Oh so pretty!! I love that glitter gradient.

  7. Mmm, I like this!!
    Looks like if it is a real red holo in the 5th picture!
    Your gradients are always pretty!

  8. Such a juicy looking red and the gradient glitter makes it even sweeter :) *going to get some watermelon out of my fridge now* - for real :)

  9. Christmas polishes!!! Too bad there's no Color Club being sold here. :(


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