Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Do you remember the last time I posted my stash?

Well, I don't! But when Cammi showed us her Helmers and Antoniuses, I got tempted to throw together an updated stash post. Then Sminkan posted her stash, and I just couldn't resist doing it.

Why really? Does anyone care? Yeah, I thought so. You're just as curious as I am. We just love seeing each others stashes. And our own. Not to brag, but to be amazed at how much shit we really do own. Am I right?

Here's my stash as of last week.

The little stash corner in the closet looks pretty much the same... Two Helmers, a lot of shit on top.

The white plastic box is full of old makeup actually. It shouldn't be in this spot, but I just haven't figured out where else to put it. On top of it, the Nubar Moodies collection (still missing a few), the OPI Pawlish collection, and a neat Claire's mixables polish- red and green with holographic glitter. In the opposite corner of the box, a ManGlaze Franken Jugg with my own creation Scarlet Fever. Still to be shown to you, dear friends. Apart from this: some tools, a bunch of polishes I picked out for even more ombre possibilities, some stacks of wheels and a few sets of press-ons I got for reviewing purposes. If Cammi is wide awake she can spot a couple of bottles, hidden somewhere, that she's about to inherit. And in the back OPI Go Goth mini set. Since this photo was taken, this set got company from the two new ones by Color Club.

Top drawer of left Helmer. I know this is a mess. Definitely need Antonius in here! To the left all my treatments, base and top coats. In the back, miscellaneous shit, such as nail art items I never use, a trillion free manicure sets, nail brushes and so on so forth.

Second drawer. Even more embarassing. The polishes thrown in at the front are swap items and such, bottles I do not care enough about to keep. Shoe box contains frankens. Plastic box in the back contains failed frankens. No, you don't get to see those.

Third drawer. Okay, here goes. First drawer of untrieds. Round bottles. OPI, China Glaze, a few Nubar and equally few BB Couture.

Fourth drawer. Untried square bottles. Mostly. Misa, Zoya, Color Club, NYX Girls, Essie, Depend and LA Girl.

Fifth drawer. Untrieds by brands that refuse to keep their bottles uniform. Yes, I'm a freak and sorted them out. H&M, Wet'n'Wild, Claire's, Sally Hansen.

Bottom drawer. Miscellaneous untrieds. Brands I have only a few of. This drawer makes me realize just how many different brands there are...

Right Helmer, the one that contains used polishes. Top drawer. Contains China Glaze.

Second drawer. OPI. Full OPI drawer. Since this photo was taken it has only become worse. There are bottles thrown in everywhere.

Third drawer. Round bottles, miscellaneous brands. Nfu Oh, BB Couture, Nubar, Orly, a few Mavala, and the not very round, but not square either, LA Girl.

Fourth drawer. Square bottles. I actually had to break this content down not long ago, because the drawer got full. Now there are Misa, Zoya, Essie, Barielle, Color Club and Depend in here.

Fifth drawer. The misc one. Contains polishes by brands that I own five or less bottles from. I know, I have sick criteria. When I have more than five polishes from a particular brand, they get to go live in either the drawer of round bottled brands, or the square bottle brands drawer. They all really strive to get there.

Bottom drawer. The other sick drawer where the unconsistent brands end up. Therefore we here find NYX and NYX Girls, Essence, H&M, Claire's and Sally Hansen.

How sick is that? I have to go buy a third Helmer.

Swedish word of the day:
samlare -noun collector
Because apparently, I am one...


  1. I was just about to ask about the french manicure press-ons... =)

    I think I spot the white Graffiti Nail Top =D

  2. Uwa such a fabulous collection you have <3
    ANd so well organised. Mine are all in boxes as since moving I am not sure where exactly I should store my ever growing collection.

  3. Lol :)
    My organization criteria:
    1-brand, 2-color, 3-shape
    Being that, if the last color of brand x is yellow, the first one from brand y is also going to be yellow or the nearest color...
    I'm a color freak...

  4. You're right, I do care. :) I love seeing people's stashes. Looking at your drawers, I sort of miss when I had mine by brand. I might go back to that one day.

  5. I love seeing people's polish and makeup collections and how they store them. I so want your collection.

  6. Sigh, what a way to start my day....thanks..
    Oh and I love your stash, in case that didn't come out right lol

  7. Great stash! :drools: Instead of Antonius, you could use those plastic bumpy sheets Ikea has for kitchen drawers. Don't know what they're called... It would keep polishes from sliding when a drawer is half full.

  8. Wow vilken stash.. Erkänner att jag är lite avis, skulle inte säga nej till att botanisera där lite.. Skulle aldrig kunna välja lack dock :p

  9. OMG, your stash is huge!!! I do stash them completely different, but I definitely like your description :D

  10. Oj vad mycket lack! Själv har jag använt nagellack regelbundet sedan 15 år tillbaka men jag fyller nog bara 1-2 Helmerlådor än så länge =)

  11. I wish I was this organized. I just throw everything together in drawers. I feel much shame, hehe.

  12. Cammi: Do you want 'em? xD Can you also spot another bottle beside the IsaDora? ;)

    Cel: Buy a Helmer! :D

    Sarah B.: OK, you're more OCD than me. ;D

    KarenD: I have noticed a lot of people leave organizing by brand behind. But for me, it's the easiest way to find what I want. Before I got sloppy (own too many polishes now), they were also organized by color within the brand org... O.o

    Twister: Isn't it interesting? The way we organize says so much about us as people! :D

    Morgaine: A cuppa cawfee and a stash post, way to start a day! :D

    Blu11: I have contemplated them, but I'm both too cheap to invest, and honestly... I like having my bottles sliding around. O.o I keep 'em in a way so that I can just lean them a tad backwards and all the bottles fall right back into place. :D I'm considering Antoniuses for all the small stuff lying (laying? damn I have problems with those words!) around in my top two drawers... They are a mess!

    Honi: Tror bestämt det finns mer än en anledning (den att jag har legat till sängs i förkylning) till att jag har haft olackade naglar i ett par dagar nu... :D

    Miranda: Not so huge compared to those of some other peeps. :D But still plenty enough for a lifetime or two...

    roxcat: Det kan alltid bli värre. ;) Häromdagen hittade jag gamla stashbilder. Av en påbörjad liten låda i en MALM. Och det var bara 1,5 år sedan... :D Amerikanska priser rockar!

    whateveramber: Well, whatever floats your boat! ;D I kind of envy people who are careless like that, you must live awesome lives! *feeling OCD-ish* xD

  13. i totally do the same thing with round bottles vs. square bottles. i organize by brand. HE, reg, and DS. I would love to organize by tried//untried, but my untried outnumber my trieds by about 3 to 1

  14. Lol, I'm mostly OCD with colors!!
    It freaks me out not to see them in the correct order. I honestly spend a few minutes trying to decide the color order in my blog pictures hehehe.

  15. I'm choosing this post to comment for the first time: I've been catching up with your blog from the start, and picked up a few ideas since I was totally uninspired for my manis today. I tried one of my mood polishes after seeing your Nubar Moodies, then some layering of OPI Movin' Out over black, and Nubar Gem. All this to end up with bare nails and a post on my stash for my blog!! All this to say that I'm slowly but surely discovering your universe, and so far, I'm loving it!!


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