Thursday, September 23, 2010

The three sisters of Broadway

Not too long ago, I had a fling with OPI's old Movin' Out. It got so mad, I decided to go on get more from the collection it came in- Holiday on Broadway. Well, you know some of the polishes from that one are very hard to find these days, such as the distinctly feminine duochrome La Boheme, but the sheer Broadways are still available in some places, and I anxiously ordered them. And upon arrival, I couldn't wait to try them on. Since they're so sheer, I decided it was layering week. On top of my teal week.

This is Rent. Mmm... Bottled nebula!

Doesn't look like much, but still, added on top of a creme, it really sparks up! To my eyes the glitzy particles looked like microglitter, but in this macro shot, we can tell it's actually fleck like glitter. The shimmer is that duochrome many of the polishes in this collection were gifted with, and you know how I feel about that. It's very subtle, but it's there.

Next up is Thoroughly Modern Millie. Oooh, nebula.

Look at it! Oh my. It completely alters the matte polish I used as a base. And you can tell it has that duochrome pigment too. Pure love.

Last, Mamma Mia. Not the best bottle shot, but this is my third little personal nebula.

Fewer pictures, but I hope you get the idea anyway. It's that damn absent sun. However, the third sister in this trio, the same pretty glitter, the same subtle duochrome pigment, in a reddish base.

How do you like this little family? I know it's weird when I'm crazy about sheer polishes, but these really have something. They are the same but still different. The same idea in different packaging- or rather, differently tinted bases. From less to more, but not necessarily on a similar scale in importance. My favourite is Thoroughly Modern Millie. It has the right amount of things going on to be a perfect layering polish.

From this collection I also have Man of La Mancha. I have yet to show it to you some day. If you want me to.

Swedish word of the day:
lager -noun layer, coat
not to be confused with
lager -noun lager, beer
For obvious reasons.


  1. I love this collection too!
    I hunted them down, bottle by bottle and now I have them in my Helmer.. moahahah! ;-)

  2. I'm like you, I love sheer polishes that have a diff flair.
    Thoroughly Modern Millie, Man of La Mancha and Mamma Mia are in my wishlist. Oh Fireflies too...a shame they are all htf's now... :(

  3. I love fleck glitter it's such a pretty layering goody!

  4. I have rent and I really like it...though definitely have to be in the right mood to wear it:)

  5. please show man of la mancha...

  6. Ser superfint ut men jag vet hur usel jag är på att komma ihåg layeringlack. De blir bara liggande. Man of la Mancha är nog den enda från den kollektionen som jag äger. Den är underbar.

  7. I'm glad I already own all these.

  8. PolishPig: Lucky you! :D Well, at least 5 out of 8 isn't all that bad huh? :/ I'll never find La Boheme...

    Sarah B.: What?! Is Fireflies HTF now? O.o *checking* Up for grabs on ebay for 5.95 bucks plus 4 dollar shipping to Brazil. :) TMM and MM are still on TD!

    Evil Angel: Who needs CND Effects, right?! :)

    paintedbluestars: I wouldn't wear it alone, that's for sure. :)

    zygzag: Anything for my Polish polish lovers! :D Coming within a few days. Promise!

    Sminkan: ...och här ovan lovade jag just att posta MolM också. :) Måste bara lista ut vilket lack jag ska lägga det över...

    Cammi: Fast jag var ju förvirrad senast och glömde bort halva kollektionen. :/

  9. Mmm, Ebay...damned ebay. I'm afraid of buying over there...But I might...I looove fireflies, it's so...firefly!
    Thanks about the tips ;*


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