Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bored... Or Excited?

You know I've been on a quest over the past week to find brightness in my life, and I suddenly thought of an awesome way to get it. I just dragged out my untried Claire's Mood polishes! I mean, is there anything that brings more joy than a fun, bright novelty polish?!

I know you have seen these a million times already, but I don't care. Besides, my friend Anne has wanted to see some mood polishes now for a long time!

This was the short version that pretty much sums up Excited/Bored for you. And now for the long one...

Very weird color... This polish is some sort of pastel, altering between a light apricot, or maybe the color of pig skin, and a more coral, bright shade. The formula kind of sucks, and is both a bit see-through and streaky. Like so many pastels, it doesn't really even out. This is three coats and it's still very uneven.

Still, who cares?! The color change is enough to make me less miserable!

Now for some completely redundant water shots.

Cool water...
...and warm. These last two photos were shot in my bathroom in fluorescent light, that's why the colors are so wonky.

And some more:

Nice. Although I can't say I like the lighter color. But fun is fun, no matter what color it comes in. However, the name of this polish, Excited/Bored, appears quite enigmatic to me. I don't know about you people, but when I get excited, I get hot. Though, when I'm wearing this polish and get hot, the color is described as Bored. And when I'm chilly, the color indicates I'm Excited. Hmm.

Also, I do want to comment on the wear here. This polish has the crappiest wear I've experienced in a very long time. Within hours, I had chipping on pretty much every nail. No huge chunks coming off, but little chips, definitely a lot more than tipwear.

Still. Who cares?! For a novelty polish I'm willing to forgive anything.

Swedish word of the day:
humör -noun mood
I really do have a bendy one.


  1. Ooh.. that is pretty cool. :)

  2. I like it! Soooo cool! I love both colors :)

  3. Great idea! I haven't used mine since this summer!

  4. What fun! Is this the only mood polish you have?

  5. More Mood colors to the people!! I like... :-)

  6. I really like it! I think these mood polishes are kinda awesome, shame that they don't last well at all. Thanks so much for the cool post!

  7. Åh, jag måste också plocka fram lite mood-lack! Man blir glad av dem, så är det bara!

  8. Miss Meshow: I guess you got the answer in the next posty, sort of, but I can tell you I have all the Claire's Mood polishes, and I also have quite a bundle of the old Nubar Moodies! I collect Mood polishes, I love them.


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