Sunday, October 3, 2010

Different uses for nail polish

I have several times asked myself, just for fun, this question: I wonder how large an area I can paint with all my nail polish. I still don't have an answer, I just know that whenever I feel the need to paint something, be it my nails or anything else, I can.

I had a nice kitchen clock from my neighbor. I went down to her place to grab a cup of coffee, saw the clock, commented on how cute it was, and later in the evening when I was up in my apartment again, she sent me a text, telling me to go check outside my door. The clock was waiting for me there.

I still think it's cute. Both the generosity my friend showed me, and the clock itself. However, pretty soon we noticed a problem. We just couldn't always tell the time, the black hands disappeared at times, and left us wondering "is that the hands or is it just the Eiffel tower?".

We talked about just painting those goddam' hands, and today when my significant other was helping our daughter with her acrylic paints as she was turning a piece of paper into one of her famous works of art, he mentioned it again. Paint!

And then I saw it. Polish. "I can paint those hands with my nail polish!" C'mon, I have plenty of colors to choose from, and I won't be able to use it all during this lifetime anyway, not even if I continue to spread my manicure loving among my friends.

We debated on what color to use to really see those darn hands no matter the dimness of our kitchen lights, and after slipping over one matching the prominent purple ornament on the clock, I landed on one that would light up the entire kitchen all by itself.

LA Girl Disco Inferno, from their Disco Brites collection. If I get myself a blacklight, I'll be able to see them hands glowing... But for them to really glow, and show, I did a messy coating of white prior to the awesomesauce super bright coral-pink-red.

Et voilà!

Now the clock has made it safe back onto the kitchen wall, above the shelf that is harboring my pityful little collection of cook books.

We no longer have a problem detecting the hands.

Swedish word of the day:
klocka -noun clock
For obvious reasons.


  1. So awesome! You picked the perfect color for it. I looove the color of your kitchen walls. 0_0

  2. That is a super cute clock for sure.

    I've used nail polish to paint a mobile phone cover when i was dulled out by my old one, I've also painted little boxes with them and once did a necklace with nail polish to replace a lost stone.

  3. The clock is amazing, your idea is amazing, and your neighbour too. This is a very gladful story to read. Thank you for these minutes :)

  4. I paint purse hardware like ugly buckles, etc. to make them blend in a little better; I paint shoe heels when they get messed up; I also did little boxes and costume jewelry "updates".

  5. Your kitchen is soo pretty <3
    The Clock looks nice!

  6. That's awesome! The clock looks fabulous with the red hands too. Great color choice!

  7. I love the way it looks, it really adds a nice pop of colour. I read in a book once that if you get scratches on your car to get a nail polish colour that matches it and paint of the scratch.

  8. Cute clock and a very neat idea.

  9. Your neighbour was so nice, gave you that beautiful clock. Fantastic idea to paint the hands with nail polish, red colour suits really well on the clock and also the hands really pop out now.

  10. Love it! And hey, I can add to that collection if you want to...

  11. Arrianne: And I hate it! xD I wanted a warm green that would make me think of spring out in the garden, but got minty instead. Not a fan. Too cold for inspiration needed for warm food. ;)

    Emybloom: I have too been thinking of tweaking some jewelry this way. ;) Also, polishes tend to be quite useful when wrapping gifts and doing little greeting cards. I do have plenty of glitter to choose from. :D

    gnoma: You're very welcome! :D

    Maggiemeister: Yeah, there are so many different uses for these products, which is great for those of us who tend to collect a little too much. :) I have used glitter polishes when wrapping gifts and such! And when I occationally had a rash from the back of my jeans button, I just coated it with some polish as well. ;)

    Serena: That's a great tip! Luckily, I don't have a car- not even a license. LOL I know, I suck.

    Bronwyn: They surely do! I can spot them from miles away pretty much. ;)

    Anne: Du vet var jag bor. ;D


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