Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love is blind!

This is BB Couture Blind Love. Some say this is a silver and some say it's a gold. I would describe it as a greenish golden foil, almost metallic. I think it looks like silver in some lights due to the "coldness" of the color. Blind Love is a dupe for Chanel Kaleidoscope so if you are lemming the expensive Chanel, buy this instead!

Swedish word of the day:
kärlek -noun love
Because I love this!


  1. silvery goldish green! LOL
    i ♥ it!

  2. Very pretty colour. It reminds me a bit of Zoya Edyta too.

  3. reminds me of CC Snakeskin...maybe compare the three? :)

  4. Abbie - Me too! =)

    Cel and Elizabeth - Unfortunately, I don't have Edyta (is this more green?) or Snakeskin (not yet at least).


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