Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making trouble...

Nah, not really. This nice shade won't be making any trouble, provided you know from the beginning how to treat it. Check out yet another Scandinavian lacquer, Trouble Maker by Lumene. Which is a Finnish brand!

Gorgeous, huh?! I thought I'd jump through a window out of pure happiness as I first laid eyes on this sucker. Athough a mini bottle, I did not hesitate a second to pay the bucks for this one, (plus another two bottles for beloved friends), because, you know, frankly... I lurrrv these shades! I have a thing for grey shimmers, and when the manufactures throw in a little extra something, my heart beats multiple extra times (without the pain!). So, grey base with gold and some tiny specks of blue! COME ON!

Okay, okay, I'll calm down, promise. But you got to see, for a girl who got into this whole lacquer thing because of OPI's Brand New Skates, how can this be anything other than fucking A?

This is two coats, layered over Viva La Diva Head Bang. Yes, layered. Just like the afore mentioned polish, this one is a tad sheer. So I decided from the beginning I wouldn't even try building it from naked nails. However, Trouble Maker isn't as sheer as Brand New Skates (I had to check), and you could be okay with just three coats, depending on your personality. (The more OCD, the more coats needed.)

Now, let's hope for affordable, easily accessible, full size bottle dupes sometime soonish!

Swedish word of the day:
tvätt -noun laundry
I'm doing mine now... Gotta go hang it!


  1. I really like this one! Kinda reminds me of RBL Anne only less green!

  2. Oh that is gorgeous! The shimmer is hot!

  3. OOOOOHHH!! So beautiful!! I'm doing laundry today too.

  4. Was thinking of sending you an ex. :D Glad to see that you already own a piece of that prettiness. :)

    Just gonna get some momentum and then... ;)


  5. Looovely. I think I must go back to the store for that one! :)

  6. Huh, I didn't know that Lumene is sold outside Finland. Nice surprise :P And that color looks great on you!

  7. Superläckert! Är det i Lumenes normalstora flaskor eller från deras Natural Code?

  8. Jag letade efter det förra veckan men då fanns de inte inne stan alla fall. Nu måste jag ge mig ut igen. Jag måste ha det. MÅSTE.

  9. Oh wow! Looks dark charcoal! I like!

  10. Lina: And then what? ;) <3

    Emelie: Det är Natural Code-flarra. Lindex hade återigen en drive där de tog 29 bagis styck. :)

    Sminkan: Ja, det måste du faktiskt. :D


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