Monday, October 11, 2010

MNY 673

What an exotic title for this post! But it's damn accurate...

MNY 673. Two coats. Black creme base with thick, irregular flecks of silver, that unfortunately sinks down a bit- which is something I believe may be possible to avoid by doing three thin coats instead of my two thicker ones. Still a rather pretty black!

Swedish word of the day:
höstsol -noun autumnal sunshine
There was some today!


  1. I'm getting this color in a swap soon, I can't wait.

    Also I remembered that you wanted to see a post regarding CG Flying Dragon and how there are two versions, I found it this morning on another blog. I looked for your email but I didn't see it, so the link is below :)

  2. Pretty colour, even with the sinking silver flecks :)

  3. I like it, but that's too bad about the flakes sinking. It looks very nice on you, though!

  4. Behöver jag detta? Ser snyggt ut!

  5. Nice, I love black!!

    I have given you a Sunshine Award, you can fetch it at my place.

  6. Jackie S.: Thank you so much for the link! Now I gotta go dig mine out to see which one it is... But probably the brighter version, I think. The brighter must be the original one, right? Most of my polishes from the INK collection have the (NEON) in the names.

    Cammi: Svaret är ja, mtp priset. ;) Jävligt att få bort dock... Sitter bra! :D

    NailsbyNoir: I'm rushing over to you, then! :D


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