Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today I finally found the new MNY products at my local mall! Of course I immediately forgot how thin my wallet is, and grabbed five polishes... And one lipgloss. Secretly, I have a thing for lipgloss too, and honestly, I own many- but not near as many as I do polishes.

The MNY line is just as full of fantasy when it comes to names, as most cosmetics are in Europe and Asia- meaning they just have numbers. The bottles above are: 673, 661, 761, 757, 265. The black 673 is a wicked cool one and is the first one you'll see in the next few days. The base is rather opaque and filled with different sizes and shapes of a fleck like silver grey glitter. The green 761 is like OPI's Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow but with visible shimmer! Emerald green, to be precise. 265 could have been red but isn't, it's one of the prismatic glitter jellies I happen to adore, and is a deep pink.

Just one little peek at the lipgloss:

Labeled 593, this one actually reminds me of OPI's new Tease-y Does It! in terms of coloration. The base is a brownish purple, and is filled with reddish shimmer. However, if you look closely, you can tell by my arm swatch, that the base pigments immediately sink into every minimal crease there is. Already when applying it's less pleasant to work with, it distributes unevenly and isn't the kind of product you can just toss into your pocket and put on without a mirror on the bus or whatever. Sad, but I seldom expect much from cheap brands, and this lipgloss' price tag is modest at approximately $4.30 (29,50 SEK)- which is very cheap for cosmetics in Sweden.

Oh, and the polishes cost just as much. So, fellow Swedes, go to your local Lindex and grab a few (or if you're Norwegian: Cubus)! There are many colors to choose from, which isn't exactly something Swedes are spoiled with. :)

The nail varnishes you'll have to wait to see... At least until tomorrow.

Swedish word of the day:
bortskämd -adjective spoiled


  1. Yay! I love the MNY displays. 26 is an awesome color!

  2. 265 is so pretty!
    Can't wait to see the swatches!

  3. So pretty. I wish they were available in the US :D

  4. Ååååååh! Jag måste ha!!!

  5. Allison: Are there two-digit numbers too? Shit. :D

    Sarah B.: And I have soooo much I'd like to show, but I only do NOTDs right now because of 1. lack of time, 2. lack of sun. :D

    rmcandlelight: New swapping deals to happen maybe! :D

    Sminkan: Och billigt också! :D (Torkar fort, håller bra, men vissa är väldigt skira.)

  6. I love these polishes a little bit more than what could be considered sane. The durability is great for a cheapie polish.
    And hey, am wearing the yellow topped with the raspberry jelly glitter right now.

  7. schmut: How can you not? I have only tried the one posted, but hey, not a single chip upon removal, and I'm not used to that! Also, can you beat the color range? In Sweden/Europe, I think not! :D And the price... OK, you already know this, but yes, this is great news to any lover of polish. :)


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