Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mummy May I pleeease...

...hate this? No, I'm not a fan. China Glaze's Halloween color Mummy May I is not one of my favourites. Quite frankly, I disliked wearing it.

It's like herpes in a bottle. I'm just not a fan of this flat type glitter that doesn't really... glitter. This is three coats. It was hell to remove, which I anticipated, and therefore I used this polish on short nails... After all, herpes on a smaller surface is better than herpe on a larger surface.

Edit: I forgot to mention another thing: this polish applies like poop. And I'm talking grainy diarrhea here. These three coats were all messy, hard to control with runny base pooling and impossible to apply evenly. Craptastic. Only pro whatsoever is that I only used one coat of thick topcoat on top of it. I had expected to do two or three.

Swedish expression of the day:
sexuellt överförbar sjukdom sexually transmitted disease, STD
How I love awkwardness!


  1. Jag gillade den inte heller...

  2. Oooh yuck. I hate when glitter doesn't actually...glitter. It looks so not cute.

  3. Haha, I actually like the color but mine was a pain to apply, the formula was horrendous. Too bad.

  4. It looks great on close up photos. =)

  5. I think the Milani Whimsical from last year achieves a much better result being almost the same idea. The Milani shines and it's not THAT difficult to remove. I didn't like almost anything from recent collections, ChG and OPI were real disappointments to me lately.

  6. bahahahahaha ahhhhhhh herpesglitter. you should try street wear prince charming, my original herpes-glitter

  7. Schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedieieiieieeeee!You are spot on (pun intended) imo! In fact, I will make a subcategory 'herpes' to discern the meh glitter from the hotness :D

  8. Hee hee hee! Love this post! :D

  9. You are hilarious! I didn't like MMI? either. Goopy and no sparkle.

  10. LMAO! herpes in a bottle. classic

  11. Jag tycker det ser fint ut på dina bilder. Men eftersom jag läst att så många inte gillar Mummy May I så beställde jag det aldrig. Lika bra, antar jag.

  12. Lol,herpes in a bollte!?
    But, I still like this color :-)

  13. I will go against everybody and say that I actually liked it! It looks quite sparkly in the photo but maybe that's just the light fooling me? (you can send it to me *grin*)


  14. Yours is the first negative review I've seen of this polish! :P

    I actually held the bottle a few weeks ago and considered it, but thought against it as I have several purple glitters/shimmers already.

    Nice to hear I wasn't passing up something awesome.

  15. heheheh!

    it looks lovely on you thought!

  16. Sminkan: Skönt att höra. ;)

    Meeka: Yes, I just forgot to omment on that too in the pos: the application was a nightmare. Not what I expect from China Glaze. I have lots of grainy glitters that apply way better.

    nihrida: If I could only walk around with my nails an inch away from my eyes all day! :D

    Regina: But itsn't the base of the Milani black? This one has a dark eggplant kind of base.

    Scandalous: So many herpes glitters out there..! :D

    aniploish: xD <3

    LLC: To quote aniploish who commented just above you: SPOT ON! lol

    Nailtastic: Du missar verkligen ingenting. :)

    Anonymous/Helen: There are too many "no" factors to make this one bearable, or wearable. ;D

    mylittlevanities: Really? Well, I bought mine, didn't have samples, so maybe I'm less biased. ;D You definitely won't miss this one. I hope. :)

    Sarah B.: Thank you dear! I wish I fel the same way. :D

  17. I really like it, am I the only one?...


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