Thursday, October 14, 2010

Original vs Amethyst

zygzag wanted to know how OPI's two DS polishes Original and Amethyst compares. So here goes!

In complete lack of holographic appearance, you can tell the colors are different. Original to the left and Amethyst to the right. Amethyst is quite a lot more pink leaning.

And in sunlight, it appears like Original has even more pronounced holo than Amethyst.

Different, but personally i prefer Original. Of course, if you're a true holo ho, you need both!

Swedish word of the day:
löv -noun leaf
Those still hanging on to their trees outside my bedroom window are orange...


  1. Thank you very much. It is hard to decide, but I have so many holos...I probably don't need another. So no amethyst for me!

    Check this link to se comparison wheels of my holos (descriptions under posts),5/shimmer-flakes-frost-holo-wszystko-co-blyszczy,88-250.html

  2. Amethyst isn't even very holo. Original is a class act however. Good post.

  3. I love Original, I'm so glad I finally got it (after waiting tooooo long for it haha). I'm such a sucker for holo's that this post makes me wanna get Amethyst.

  4. Yes, they are different. To me original is a more amethyst color than amethyst is.

  5. I love Original the best!


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