Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reflecting Crystal and her wigs

Good news, everyone!

What? Huh?

Oh, you'll see.

But first: Zoya's Crystal, from the winter and holiday collection Fire & Ice.

Purrteh! 3 coats. Easy to work with.

Crystal must be the ultimate polish for Swedish royalists. Ultimate. Just look at these guys and dolls:

King Charles XI, or Karl XI as us Swedes prefer to call him...

...and his wife, Ulrika Eleonora...

...and the husband again, together with artist David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl, painted by famous Swedish painter Carl Larsson...

...and Karl's and Ulrika Eleonora's daughter Ulrika Eleonora...

...and her husband Fredrik of Hessen-Kassel...

...and his successor Adolf Fredrik of Holstein-Gottorp...

...and his son and successor Gustavus III (but we call the Gustavuses Gustav)...

...and Gustav III again, but as a kid...

You can totally see where I'm going with this, can't you?

That's right. The ultimate polish for Swedish royalists. Though, I'm not one of them. I just have an unhealthy fascination for wigs.



OPI Reflecting Pool, Zoya Crystal.

And again:

Now, why is this good news? Because, a lot of Americans were bummed that they didn't get the special that for once hit Asia and Europe. Well, now you can fully compensate for that! And, no matter how you look at it, this is also good news for those of you who already own Reflecting Pool- you may just save your money on the Zoya!

Swedish word of the night:
hosta -noun cough
I have one.


  1. i was JUST going to do a post on this! you do a much better job anyways!!!

  2. Om jag använde blåa lacker skulle detta vara ett måste!

  3. dang it dang it i JUST placed a Zoya order and waffled on that one, then took it out of my cart. And reflecting pool is on my lemming list. frick on a stick. oh well, I will grab it next order

  4. great post and thank you for showing the dupe! Definitely going to order this one.
    @jbrobeck: do one anyway! :)

  5. Yum, can't wait to order all these new Zoyas...A shame I can't do it until next month...ugh...

    Crystal is a beauty! I love how it looks like the foiled gold deco in the baroque period!
    I also love baroque wigs, specially if ornamented with reddish-pink flowers <3

  6. My boyfriend bought me Reflecting Pool for an anniversary gift. :) It's great that there's an easier to find dupe for it now! :)Looks great on you.

  7. This color is so beautiful! I am so happy that it will coming to my house soon :0) Thanks for the great always!

  8. jbrobeck: Oh, I'm sorry dear! :D You should post anyway! :)

    Cammi: Lätt! :D Du får visa "din" någon dag. :)

    Sarah B.: Mmm... Blue velvet with golden embroidery... Fit for a king (of Sweden)! ;D Nice in theory, but I have a problem with the ideology behind it all. ;)

    Gingerkittydesigns: You bet! And thank you for the compliments. :)


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