Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tagged in black

So, this is what happens pretty much immediately when you're gifted one of the IsaDora Graffiti top coats: you just slap it on, fast as hell! My lovely and caring friend Anne brought me this one (among others + cookies - always the cookies!), and it just happened that I was already wearing a creme made by the same manufacturer... So this is a solid IsaDora manicure (well, if you do not count base and top coats, of course).

Black Tag over Combat Khaki.

I also felt that this manicure went really well together with my super chic LOLmart t-shirt, Dr Tinycat checking EEEKAYGEE!

Or maybe not. I don't really care. It's still cute.

Come to think of it, Combat Khaki does remind a tiny tad of really washed out surgical scrubs...

Dr Turk is wearing such.

However, Cammi posted about this particular top coat a while back, please check out her post as well! Or any of the other IsaDora Graffiti posts we've done lately.

Swedish word of the day:
arbetsuniform -noun work uniform
How hard was that?!


  1. I have much love for the isadora, as I'm sure you guessed - it looks great over this :)

  2. I actually really like the black crackle over the washes out teal. Really unique looking!

  3. combat khaki is so effing amazing. i love the crackle polish! gah!

  4. I agree completely, the second I got my IsaDora's I put it on without even thinking twice, a lot of fun! :)

  5. Love this combo! I ordered a crackle by Barry M polish I cant wait to try it!

    Love Scrubs hihi!

  6. Läckert! Jag har fortfarande inte testat mitt svarta graffit...

  7. That looks so cool! It reminds me of graffiti on city buildings...don't know why though haha. Love it!

  8. Jag har varit ganska skeptisk till grafittilacken tidigare, men denna kombo var såå snygg, så jag har nog ändrat mig nu...

  9. You guys are really making a case for crackle polish with me and I LOVE that you posted that picture of Turk, JD and Elliot.

  10. Haha, jag antar att vi inte behöver byta "födelsedagspresenter" nu när du redan fått tag i det svarta och jag i det vita.

  11. i love the creme color, the black crack, the t-shirt, and scrubs. sad it is over!

  12. Emybloom: They've really come a long way over the past season! Really reinvented themselves. Now they just need to reinvent their fucking price tag.

    Jackie S.: It really is effortless, super quick fun!

    tasha~: I hope the Barry M are just as great, then you'll have lots of fun with it! :D

    Sminkan: Du vet att du måste. ;)

    Aurora's Nails: Seriously, you gotta be the only one! Haha. Just kidding! The fun thing is, depending on how thick a coat you put on, it will give you very different effects. Compare my ring to the rest!

    NailsbyNoir: Man kan ju alltid testa EN flaska liksom... ;) Det var vad jag skulle göra... Ehh...

    L: You gotta go on a hunt then girlfriend, or, just wait 'til the OPI release! :)

    Cammi: Hmm... Good point där. ;D Meeen, jag har en TILL föllsedagsprissent till dig, lix. ;)

    jbrobeck: Then you gotta love this post. ;D Is Scrubs over? I'm not very informed on the matter. Swedish TV tend to air episodes in a way that makes following impossible. I watch occationally!


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