Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wear Purple spam

Today is Wear Purple Day. Today is also dark and gloomy weather day in the Stockholm area. So, instead of a new manicure, here is some kickass purple spam for you. And please bear with me, some of these photos are really old and horrible!

The Vollare again, with NYX Girls Fame and Superfunk on top.

A franken I eventually ended up naming Knight Jumps Queen.

Hope you found some inspiration!

Swedish word of the day:
hjärndöd -adjective brain dead
Because I feel like I am at the moment.


  1. my brain just exploded. So.Much.Awesome. gawd I love purple

  2. Purple overload!!! I need more purples.. =)

  3. Ow wow...that`s all I can say for now :) I some amazing beauties inbetween!!!

  4. I love you lots right now.


  5. Pure Ice Purple Reign! Why haven't I bought that one? I live 5 minutes away from a Wal Mart and Pure Ice is only 2 dollars. Its so pretty!

  6. Wowwww I just had an overdose of awesomeness!

  7. I really like that matte Zoya one! I'd like to the the OPI DS Original swathced over a variety of bases.

  8. I have Merry Midnight and I LOVE it! I did wear purple on this day, but it was a top, not on my nails.

  9. I just love purple so this post was really great!
    They're all so pretty, but I think my favoritues are Visions of Sugarplum, Wild at heart and the NfuOh #68.

  10. Great polishes!

    But what did I miss, why was it "Wear purple-day"?

  11. Andrea: It's said to be specifically in support of a few people who have committed suicide after being bullied because if their sexualities, but for me personaly, it's just a way of showing general support for the LGBTQ community. :) It's also referred to as Spirit Day, after the purple color field in the LGBTQ flag (rainbow flag), which represents just that.

  12. SDFGOI OSAERUITOASGUJOSJKDFLKSLDFGKLFKSKHJERTkjslkjfglksjdftl;gij aejkrtkl;2!@@@@!!!!!

  13. Thanks for the answer!
    However, I too support LGBTQ(OF COURSE!)
    and am attending a "wear purple-day" event on Facebook for the suicide after bullying-thing as well, but that's not until october 27.
    That's why I got confused :)

  14. Love all of them!
    Purple is such a lovely color!!
    I specially like Sugarplum Yum.

  15. Teresa: ;D

    Andrea: Late answer, but if you're located here in Sweden that seems correct. The US peeps did the same manifestation a week earlier, at the time of this post. :)


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