Sunday, November 21, 2010


You know, sometimes you just fail miserably.

Like for instance, when I finally tried my long time lemming Rehab from Lippmann Collection. I know it's supposed to be sheer, but you know... I just... Couldn't... Resist... Putting on that extra coat. And the next extra coat. Just to even it out. Just a bit.

Then I went to bed. I had to, it was late.

And I woke up the next morning. To this:

Now, you ought to be glad my lighting was so poor that it was impossible for me to get a sharp shot.

I rest my OCD case.

Swedish word of the day:
tvångsmässig -adjective compulsive


  1. Phahahahah! XD You're the best, Feline! :*

  2. LOL! :D Love that kitty pic.

  3. LOL thats how I was with RBL Bikini Bottom the other day. That cat pic is hysterical.

  4. You made me laugh! I can totally relate to the OCD thingy, happens to me a lot but I never try to change that habit. :o)

  5. Hehehehe, oh well, it happens to us all!
    The messed up nails remind me of Onyx stones in their natural form :

  6. Oh my, I think we all have a story like yours, and honestly, nothing is like the first time, is it? :))
    For that, Seche Vite saved my life... until now, that is. I was really (and I mean REALLY) amazed by how it works on polishes.

  7. S..t happens :-)
    But the first picture is amazing!

  8. Oh man, this is what happened to me last night with my Time-less is More mani. I was gonna stop at 4 coats, but I had to add that fifth. It never facking dried, and wouldn't have unless I kept my hands still for 3 hours.

  9. It looks kinda funky actually :)

  10. Haha you make me laugh. But I love the kitty! Och tack for det nya ordet! Compulsive...jag med!

  11. *gouges eyes* ZE HORROR!!!!

    the cat picture is so cute :D

  12. Lolaa: SV doesn't work for me. I easily get shrinking. I was a heavy consumer of Nubar's Diamont, which in my opinion is an outstanding topcoat. Or was. They changed the formula. Although I hear they changed it back, but unlucky for me, I can't guarantee it's what I'll get if I order it from ebay. Though, I believe the sturdy old Diamont is what was applied on top of that manicure. Six to seven coats of color is just messy any way you slice it. ;)


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