Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blue Sky?

Where is it? According to H&M, it is on my nails in these photos.

So, there it is. H&M's Blue Sky. It came in one of those itteh bitteh mini bottles of 3.7 ml (0.12 fl oz), and was butt cheap, by Swedish standards, meaning little over a dollar (9,50 SEK ≈ $1.50). Absolutely dreadful formula. Thicker than Barielle kind of thick, and you will basically need a butter knife to spread it. Or maybe a cheese slicer. Did you know the European type cheese slicer was invented by a Norwegian guy? Umm... Completely random. Well, this polish (to get back on subject), is so thick that I only needed one single coat for complete opacity. So, it bubbled. Loads and loads. And on top of that, I used way too thick a coat of not enough thinned Diamont on top, so that gave me even more bubbling. Look:

Secsay. I was in bed with a head cold while wearing it though, so I didn't change it immediately, and it actually wore pretty well. And it is a nice color. The perfect kind of blue creme. A little less cool, a little dusty.

Also, it reminds me of this song (apologies for the rather uninteresting visualization of this one, but I couldn't find a better one):

Swedish word of the day:
himmel -noun I sky II heaven
If the first is a blue one, and the second a warm one, I could need either right about now.


  1. No blue skies here :/
    But the color of that polish is great! Too bad it's thick and bubbly :(

  2. Schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeediiiiieiieieieieeee!!!!!
    (too lazy to log in)
    is there really another kind of cheese grater in this universe???????
    luv the colour btw, not the moonscape...
    yr Dutch Tulip

  3. Such a shame it's so thick! But it looks lovely on you!
    Hope you are feeling better now!

    Btw, there is something in my giveaway that just reminds me of your daughter so much!!

  4. Ahh, my blue sky isn't that hard to work with. Weird. :)

  5. Pretty color, too bad about the crappy formula.

  6. Dutch Tulip: Many graters, but no other slicers. ;D Teehee. Norwegian cheese slicers FTW! And Swedish potato peeler. \m/

    Sarah B.: Are you referring to the pinkishness and the kittehness? ;) You know, I will be entering... I just gotta find the energy to do stuff. Like answering comments on my blog. (Damn tired. Damn fall.)

    Lina: I may have been exaggerating a wee bit. ;D Also, I'm sloppy. Also, my bottle has been opened before it was finally used. :) (Also, I should have grabbed my bottle of thinner, but I was also just too fucking lazy also. Plus also.) ;) <3

    nihrida: H&M polishes made in Turkey are usually harder to work with, the ones made in France better. France polishes are the ones in what I would call core line bottles. :)

  7. If you're really crazy about the colour (as I am) I just want to tell you guys that it is, colourwise, identical with OPI's Suzi says Fang Shui, from the Hong Kong Collection.

  8. I like this color its really pretty,the bubbles not so much haha. hope you feel better! ;)


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