Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brown holo comparison

From left to right: Color Club Love 'em leave 'em, China Glaze Spin me round, OPI Opening night gold. This is two coats:

Opening night gold is more brown than the others and has the strongest holo effect. Love 'Em and Leave 'Em was the most opaque and has a lighter base color than the others. Spin me round needs three coats and is like all the holos from the Kaleidoscope collection more of a prismatic glitter.
Swedish word of the day:
bråttom -adjective hurried
I am!


  1. Opening night gold is beautiful

  2. I agree with Ange Opening Night is just perfect! The prettiest of the bunch!

  3. love the polish.

  4. Opening Night Gold is my favorite.

  5. Great comparison, I love the OPI.

    It is probably an old one right? I wonder how this comparesd to OPI DS Design!

  6. The OPI is the most beautiful!

  7. OPI seems to be the winner! It's an old one, so it could be HTF. Unfortunately, I don't have DS Design so I can't compare.


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