Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute or not?

Long time, no blog posts... Besides that I've been busy working, I started taking driving lessons and I 've also spent some time in the gym. So lack of time and some nail breakage has resulted in blog absence. However, I did not take a break from buying nailpolish so now I have ridiculously many untrieds. Maybe I'll show you some of them on my nubbins! =)

This is some old pictures of BB Coutures Catalina Cutie, a sheer coral with gold glitter.

I don't think coral is the best color on me so I'm not sure why I bought this. As you can see it's quite sheer and there is VNL so I think this would look better on someone with shorter nails or layered. What do you think, cute or not?

Swedish word of the day:
körkort -noun driving license
Hopefully I'll get one!


  1. Njaee... not found of coral either, so.. not.. sorry

  2. On shorter nails. I like this. Thought it was a flat creme. Didn't know it had such a lot of sparkle.

  3. I love coral anything - lipgloss, blush, polish... but I definitely think it's more suited for warmer months. My absolute favorite coral is Essie in Peach Daquiri. It's more of a flat cream coral though.


  4. Jag tycker det är fulsnyggt faktiskt :p

  5. very cute! thumbs up!

  6. Ooh, I love it! So summery and pretty...this is the kind of polish you wear on the beach in Mexico.


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