Thursday, November 18, 2010

Going Incognito

No sun in Sweden, no energy and no wit! This is from Essie's latest released collection and is called Going Incognito.

Terribly grainy photos, sorry about that.

I was a bit on the fence about this new Essie green, since I wasn't one of all the huge fans of the one released for the summer, Pretty Edgy. I felt there was a big risk that this one was going to be just as meh as I felt the previous one was. Though, I couldn't restrain myself from getting it, and I have to say, although it's not among my top five green cremes, it's not that bad! I actually like it. Like it. Not loving it though. But like it. And for an Essie, that's enough for me.

I quickly compared it to my wheel of green cremes, and I have no dupes, not even close ones. Which I guess is a pretty strong statement coming from me. Even though I'm not alone in this, I do have quite a few greens to choose from...

Swedish word of the day:
somnolens -noun somnolence
I'm fighting it right now, arrghh.


  1. Yay you chose green :)

    It looks good on you!
    These kind of greens suit me, but for some reason I'm never really drawn to them... Sometimes the shimmery ones call me out.
    I should learn to like this kind of green :/

  2. Jag har beställt den, från TD så jag lär få vänta lääääänge, och jag tror jag kommer älska den! Sen är frågan hur lätt man kommer in på topplistan när jag, likt dig, har hundratals gröna lack... Jag är ju lite okritisk känner jag för jag gillade ju Pretty Edgy också. Och exakt just nu har jag ett Essielack på naglarna, Sew Psyched, som ju också är grönt men på ett helt annat sätt. Fast det var onödig info. Snygga bilder alla fall, trots mörkret, och du fick mig att längta till paketet kommer!

  3. I think it's one of the best Essie shades. It looks great on you, well...everything does. =D

  4. How does this compare to Jade is the New Black? I've been curious.

  5. Im trying to like green, notice i dont like it at all after see i have no green polishes xD

  6. Jag tycker den ser riktigt fin ut. Trodde den skulle vara mer lik Pretty Edgy, men den är ju klart mörkare.

  7. I have it on right now and like it more than OPI´s Jade Is The New Black. I got some compliments wearing it :)

  8. Sarah B.: You should. ;) But honestly, I'm not sure it's my favourite kind of green either. I think what really floats my boat is a damn nice green shimmah! :)

    Sminkan: Tvivlar på att det har med brist på kritik att göra, snarare annorlunda smak. ;) Kan vara så att jag hade för högt ställda förväntingar på PE också. Eller annan ren dumhet. :D

    nihrida: Nothing kicks Wicked in da butt though! :D

    Janna: This one is cooler, more blue toned. :) I like this one better than JitNB!

    LadyLuck27: Oh, you'll get there. ;)

    Nailtastic: Absolut. Gillar denna mycket bättre!

    sonidlo: Then there's two of us! :)


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