Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm jaded...

Another one from Swedish brand IsaDora. Yes, they finally have done something about their image! From a terrible range of pinks and champagnes with the occational summer wackiness, to including some more edgy colors in fall and spring collections. I couldn't be happier. This is Jaded.

Another hard to capture green, can you believe it? Not my favourite green, but not my least favourite one either. And just because IsaDora is at least trying to reinvent themselves, I'll forgive them for naming yet another polish Jaded... How many "jaded" polishes do you own?! Me, I have at least three or four...

The formula is nice and easy to work with, even though I find IsaDora's wide brush much less good than the famous one from OPI. While the OPI brush easily yields perfectly, IsaDora's is not only wide, but also thick, making it a bit clumsy and less flexible. Think that super fat Sally Hansen brush.

I just want to address another matter when it comes to the IsaDora polishes: the size of the bottle, in relation to the price tag. It was brought to my attention the other day when I was drooling all over Sminkan's blog (love it!), that IsaDora still sell polish, new polish, like this season's shades, in their old bottle, known as the Perfect Nail Polish line, which contains 12 ml. The thing is, most stores sell the Wonder Nail line, which only contains half the amount, 6 ml, but at a higher price. I have been slightly annoyed over the fact that IsaDora did cut the bottle sizes and raised their prices at the same time, and now that I realised they put out both simultaneously, I feel that is completely unjust and is only done to rip people off. Not only is 69 SEK (~$10) for 6 ml (0.2 fl oz) fucking robbery, selling the very same color in bottles of 0.4 fl oz for less the price (~$8.50) is fraud! That is more than double the price for the same product, folks! So, anyone slightly in charge over at Invima cosmetics, who makes IsaDora polishes, should look themself in the mirror and ask if they love fucking people over. And no, the wide brush does NOT make us want to pay more than double. We buy nail colors, not primarily brushes, or even formulas.

Swedish word of the day:
missnöje -noun discontent, dissatisfaction
Yeah, I'm in that mood today...


  1. Grunnen til at noen har fått kjøpt ny lakk i gamle flasker er at produsenten gikk tom for de nye, dette vil visst bli rettet opp igjen denne måneden, 6 ml. er den nye standarden.

  2. Det är ju jättedumt att de har gjort så! Jag trodde först att de hade bestämt sig för att 69kr för 6ml var överpris och förstorat flaskorna men icke...
    Sen måste jag fråga, hur ser den där ut i jämförelse med OPI Jade is the new black?

  3. you have an award on my blog!


  4. IsaDora har VERKLIGEN gjort ett upplyft på sistone som du säger. Höstlacken är en höjdarkollektion! Sen att de är dyra som stryk kan jag gott hålla med om..

  5. What a gorgeous color! Too bad about the small bottles though.

  6. Never mind that the Isadora brush is completely horrible anyway. I avoid their polishes because of it. Bleh.

  7. I've been looking at the Isadora polishes after your swatches, but the price tag and bottle size have been off-putting. They retail for 139 EEK (about $11) in Estonia... And I've only seen the Wonder Nail bottles, nothing else. I think I'll just put Isadora out of my mind now.

    Besides, crackle polishes come by other companies as well now. :)

  8. This is SO pretty...this is what I was hoping OPI Jade Is the New Black would look like...kind of dusty blue-ish hues in there. Beautiful!

  9. Vilken fiiin blogg. Jag är helt begeistrad. :) Och har precis hittat till graffitilacken. *kär* Nagellack är världens bästa hobby - enda problemet är att det är lite trångt i badrummet...

  10. Jag köpte det här lacket i förra veckan och noterade inte förrän jag kom hem att det var den gamla flaskan. Så jag hade väl tur då, men det är verkligen helt knäppt med priserna!

  11. neglelakkmani: Ja, det är ju en förklaring, men gör inte mig som konsument det minsta mer lycklig. :)

    Annie: Jag ska se om jag kan göra en jämförelse någon dag. Men den här är helt klart brightare, mindre dammig än JITNB. :)

    Viola, Killer Colours: Lite FÖR dyra, men för grönt är jag villig att betala det här löjliga priset... Hade det inte varit för att Chanel höjt priset på kommande släpp hade jag kallat IsaDora-priserna för just Chanel-priser. Räknat i ml är IsaDora fan dyrare än OPI är hos svenska återförsäljare!

    Sanna: They suck. Gigantic horse c**k.

    mylittlevanities: Yep, if you compare price per ml, the IsaDora polishes are more expensive than OPI, it you buy the latter from a Swedish retailer. That's just insane.

    Aurora's Nails: Actually I think you are right: this is what JitNB should have been like, though this one isn't very dusty at all, more bright, bright enough to make the camera go all insane on it and wash most of the color out!

    Millie: IKEA Helmer. ;D

    roxcat: Mycket tur! :)


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