Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In the army

I do not in any way encourage enrolling, but that doesn't keep me from loving my camo greens! This is IsaDora In the Army. You have seen it a million times already, but hey.

Sorry about the lack of shine, but these photos were shot on the second day of wear.

However. To quote the fantastic Tori Amos: I believe in peace, bitch.

Swedish word of the day:
krig -noun war


  1. Even in Swedish that word is not pretty, but the polish is and it looks great on you!

  2. Does it have purple microshimmer? It looks very pretty. This type of green is the green I prefer. I guess "dusty" green.

  3. Love the color, not the name. I don't really believe in war... ;)

  4. lovely green indeed, haven`t seen this shade much

  5. Heart Tori, hate war.
    Love ya! :P

  6. Evil Angel: No, it's a painfully ugly word! xD

    Scandalous: No, it doesn't, it's just the poor lighting that helps to create terrible grain (digital noise).

    nihrida: I believe in YOU! <3

    Sarah B.: And you! :D <3


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