Monday, November 8, 2010

Moody Model and a teal creme comparison

Sometime last week my dear friend Lina asked me to show you H&M's newest color, Moody Model. At the time I didn't even know it existed, but damn I'm fast, 'cause the next day I was down at my local H&M to try to find it... And found it I did. So, I'll obey Lina: here is Moody Model.

I apologize for the dangs, scratches and grain, but these photos were shot on my second day of wear, since the sun was painfully absent on the first. The wear on this awesomesauce jellyish teal creme was good though, and Lina was absolutely right: this one does make you constantly stare at your own hands, deeply in love.

I have to admit though, I had a wee bit of trouble applying it, as I found it to be a tad glue like, and I had to use thicker coats than I'd usually do. Shown is two coats, but if I would have done my regular coating I would have used three. These thick coats made me nervous, I was sure I'd end up with some less than pretty bubbles, but it actually did turn out okay. A few bubbles, but not that obvious.

However, despite the troublesome application, the color is gorgeous and totally worth it! Though... What's up with the new caps, H&M?! Clumsy caps are never OK unless you can take them off!

While we're at it with the teal, let's throw in the occasional comparison. These babies are the ones I'm showing you this time:

Diamond Cosmetics Don't Teal My Heart Away and American Apparel Peacock are noticably lighter than the rest, but I threw them in for reference.

And here they all are:

15. Diamond Cosmetics Don't Teal My Heart Away
16. Ciaté Superficial
17. Nfu Oh 273
18. H&M Moody Model
1. Boots No 7 Totally Teal
2. OPI Ski Teal We Drop
3. Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal
4. American Apparel Peacock

As you can tell, they have been arranged from more green to more blue. It's quite crowded in the middle also, and the one that really stands out is the OPI. In fact, I'm wearing it as a pedi right now, and it appears way more blue than teal, at least to my eyes.

The H&M and the Boots No 7 are colorwise identical. The difference is the finish. The Boots is a straight up creme, while the H&M, as described earlier, has a jellishness to it. It's not one of those super obvious jellies with visible nail line and all, but definitely has jelly properties. Maybe somewhere on the borders in between.

I would also like to take the opportunity to apologize for not posting as often as before. Even though you say that's OK (because you usually do), it's not really OK on my behalf. Lately I've been really under the ice and have actually, honestly, spent most of my days in bed. Apart from the traditional fall head colds (I've had two of them thus far), that fucking SAD did kick in big time this year, and I'm completely drained of all energy. Days have gone by with no manicure change, and I've even been sporting naked nails some days. I still love my little polish collection, but I'm terribly ambivalent and often have so much trouble even picking a color, that I end up just going to bed instead. However, I now have a series of past manicures lined up for you, edited and uploaded and all, so expect a higher frequency of postings in the next few days! I'm hoping to be able to keep it up. Oh, and every little comment warms me up lots. I know I suck when it comes to replying fast, but I read them (I check my email on my iPhone often) and every single one makes me happy. So please don't give up on me, and I promise you to be a better blogger soon!

Swedish word of the day:
pyttipanna -noun Swedish hash
It's not what you think, and cooked in cream it's delish!


  1. Hey babe,

    teals are always gorgeous! I have a few of them myself, but not as much as you :P

    Hope you are feeling better now...SAD is really sad...Even thought I hate sunbathing/heat, I know lack of sun is really bad for us.

    BTW, that H&M new stupid...Totally clumsy! I still haven't used the one I bought in Italy but I can anticipate it's not going to be pretty...

  2. Oh gods, I love that polish! I usually do love teals and for some reason I have so few!

    Do you suppose the H&M's in Helsinki carry the nail polishes as well...? I forgot to check over the summer, but I feel a nail polish shopping trip over the bay coming on soon with all these H&M swatches. :P

    And get better! I must admit that the early snow and early darkness are getting to me too. :(

  3. I love toy read your posts and the Swedish word of the day is a dish. Word of advice though, if SADS really affects you, go and see a doc cause it's a loooooong way until the light comes back to this place on earth. Hugs, Wolfie

  4. SAD sucks so bad! I'm actually trying to dig myself out of a bout with major depression and most days polish just isn't happening. Of course when I do them it does make me feel better for a little while.

  5. I have only recently started collecting nail polish and a nice teal is near the top of my To-Buy list. Thanks for the comparisons.

    Take care of yourself first; your blog followers can come second:)

  6. Beautiful color! Love comparisons, this one was great!
    I feel your pain when it comes to SADD. Hang in there, maybe get you an OTT lamp if you can, I hear they help a bunch. I don't know why homes just don't come equipped with them. :)
    This is cheezy, but the build up at the end always "gets me right there" and helps me feel strong.

  7. Ooh, how bizarre, I just put Moody Model on for the first time last night. I do love the jellyish finish, but as you said, the application was a bit of a trial.
    I've owned the No7 for some time, but in the grand tradition of impulse purchases, I didn't realise they were so close until I got home. Sigh.
    Thanks for the comparisons, they are alway useful, and for your beautiful swatches. I'm sorry you're so SAD. I'm one of the freakish people who prefers the long, dark nights and grey weather. I'm from Scotland so we have our share!

  8. loving the posting. definitely need some blues like those in my collection.
    and it is OK for you to not post as often. we'll be here when you feel better. :)
    i too suffer from SAD so i see where you're coming from. feel better hun. :))

  9. I have been feeling exactly the same lately. I am painting more nail wheels than nails! In fact I just did a teal wheel! Great minds think alike.

  10. HAHA Swedish hash! Pyttipanna låter helt plötsligt mycket mer.. exotiskt.
    Den här jämförelsen får mig att längta efter att min egen RBL Teal ska dimpa ner i brevlådan. Jag behöver mer teal i mitt liv! :P
    Jag hoppas verkligen att du mår bättre snart. Tyvärr finns det väl inte mycket att göra åt de närmsta mörka månaderna... En uppfriskande solsemester kanske?
    Ta hand om dig!

  11. Fint! Åker upp på listan över nagellack som måste inhandlas nästa gång jag är i Sverige!

    Ta hand om dig och som en liten, liten uppmuntran så fick du ett award hos mig.

  12. Jag köpte den i söndags och har burit den sedan dess. Tänker inte byta på ett tag. Dels gillar jag den och dels är det meningslöst att prova ett nytt lack för man kan ju, som du säger, inte fota dem alla fall. Då kan man ju passa på att riktigt njuta av den här som jag tycker är riktigt, riktigt snygg!

  13. nice post and comparison. I've also been feeling down, low frequency of mani changes and posting, it really is OK ;)sometimes you just can't do it

  14. I wish a lot of health to you! Hope you feel better and enjoy your hobbies again soon.

  15. Har de senaste åren själv blivit något av en nagellackofil. Upptäckte Scrangie och sen din blogg. Ni är skyldiga till en fattig students allt för uttunnade plånbok sedan flera av lacken blivit mina nya kärlekar. Jag har hittat allt fler bloggar, visste inte att besattheten var så utbredd men alla inlägg är som små små lyckopiller. Sluta inte. :)

  16. <3 You honey. <3

    But whats up with you and gluey HM? :D

  17. Sarah B.: I'm doing worse today, actually, but you know my philosophy in this field. ;) As stated last night...

    mylittlevanities: I'd be surprised if they don't! From what I understand, most European H&Ms do. At least in the northern parts. If any Finnish person is reading this, correct me if I'm wrong. :)

    Wolfie: Thank you. My relation to psychiatry is a bit strained since a few years back, unfortunately, but I have a couple of docs in my close family who help me out.

    Anonymous: I feel your pain... I'm unipolar and dysthymic (chronically depressive), and I'm digging every other year or so, first my grave, then up in the air again. A least all us wackos have each other to help and support. <3

    Rachel: everyone needs a good teal! :D

    Elizabeth/Lacquered Lizard: What a coincidence- I love MAKING comparisons! :D And looking too, of course. And thanks for your input on the dark sides. I was actually admitted to light therapy a bunch of years ago and didn't respond to it at all. It's all very weird, I seldom respond to any treatments whatsoever. Oh well. :) Will take a look at that vid in a sec!

    Caroline: I think they're totally worth owning, both of them! :) Although I gotta say I think it's time for me to slow down on the teal creme purchases here... ;) And the SAD (which I should add I haven't been diagnosed with by an actual psychiatrist) works in mysterious ways, because I too like the dark- well, at least it's the preferred setting for my soul, but my body seems to disagree!

    Lovely Addison: Thank you for your kind words! <3

    jbrobeck: Oh, they sure do! Maybe you're a Gemini too? ;) <3

    Karoline: Alla behöver mer teal i sina liv, så är det bara. :) Kan avslöja att jag faktiskt inte burit min RBL Teal ännu! Tro det eller ej... Solsemester vore ju helt klart något, tyvärr är jag timanställd som vårdbiträde, så jag är glad om jag lyckas få ihop till hyra, mat och nagellack, haha.

    nailspotting: Nej, du ska absolt inte missa detta, ej heller några av H&M:s andra höstlacker som förekommit på bloggarna, de är superfina! Och tack igen för awarden. :) <3

    Sminkan: Absolut, här njöts det friskt! Tog inte bort det förrän det börjat chippa, vilket iofs normalt sker ganska fort på mig tyvärr. :/

    hermetic: It seems like all of us are lacking motivation right now, aren't we? But I guess we could just hang in there until next spring or so... ;)

    zygzag: Thank you so much! <3

    Melisende: Det är en spirande undergroundrörelse, skulle man väl kunna säga, hehe. Välkommen. ;)

    Lina: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 IDK, maybe I just suck when it comes to just about anything right now. Haha!


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