Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nfu-oh 38 vs Gosh Rainbow

I found a dupe!

Nfu-oh 38 on the left and Gosh Rainbow on the right:

Layered over black:

Rainbow is a little more dense.

And a bonus:

Nfu-oh 47 on the left and Depend 156 on the right:

Layered over black:

As you can see, Nfu-oh is more orange and has smaller flakes. Depend 156 almost looks like the Nfu-oh and Gosh in the third picture when they are layered over black.

Swedish word of the day:
flaga -noun flake
I like flakies!


  1. Åh juste! Jag har precis köpt en hög med flakies och nu blev jag sugen på fler! Men återkommer med inlägg när de kommit i min ägo. :)

  2. Nubar 2010 is also a very good dupe for this - Rainbow is practically obselete over here and that's what I had to buy.

  3. Melisende - vilka köpte du?

    Ash-Lilly - yes, and also Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. They all look the same from the picturec I've seen!

  4. Ja, jag tycker också att de är väldigt lika Nubar 2010 som ramlade in i brevlådan häromdagen. Märkligt hur produkter man tror är unika alltid verkar ha gjorts av någon annan tidigare...
    Men himla snygga dock!!

  5. Cammi, jag köpte 44, 49, 51, 56, 58, 59 å 60. Väntar med spänning! :D

  6. My Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure looks just like the Nfu Oh & Gosh!

  7. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the comparisons you've been doing lately. They are so helpful!!! TYVM!


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