Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silver holo comparison

From left to right: OPI DS Coronation, OPI DS Shimmer, OPI SRO (Standing Room only) Silver, China Glaze Sexagon, OPI Paris Couture for Sure,China Glaze Wireless Holographic Topcoat

1. OPI DS Coronation, 2. OPI DS Shimmer, 3. OPI SRO (Standing Room Only) Silver, 4. China Glaze Sexagon, 5. OPI Paris Couture for Sure, 6. China Glaze Wireless Holographic Topcoat

You can hardly see Wireless Holographic Topcoat in the first picture, but there is really not much to see...
Over black:

Conclusions: Sexagon and Paris Couture for sure (a topcoat) are very much alike but PCFS is a little more dense (I prefer this one). Coronation has irregular glitter like Sexagon and PCFS but less holo effect. Shimmer and SRO are more soft, "regular" holos. I belive SRO is a little bit darker, but it is barely noticeable and I don't think you need both! I almost forgot about Wireless Holographic Topcoat and that about says it all...
If you want a more "in your face" silver holo you should take a look at Nfu-oh or China Glaze OMG
Swedish word of the day:
idétorka -noun dearth of ideas
It's hard to come up with swedish words several times in one day...


  1. I love all except Wireless (should be called meaningless in my opinion)

  2. Ohh du saknar en riktigt bra silverholo och det är Gosh's Holographic, så himla fint!

  3. I have several silver holos, among other sally hansen diamond, which is very similar to opi shimmer, great for layering over dark colors. I also have sexagon and pcfs and even if they seem similar I don't know why pcfs looks muuuch better layered over dak colous. It is my favourite silver holo (holo top coat)

  4. Lol this only made me want Paris Couture for sure even more =( and shimmer. I seriously think I have a disease if I am trying to acquire dupes of things I have

  5. Oh lovely !
    Now I want to see you wearing them! ;)

    Even being a holo ho I only own one silver holo. Idk why is the one that appeals me the most. Silver polish doesn't look very good on me...

  6. zygzak - yes, shimmer is really great to layer and pcfs is so dense you can wear it alone!

    Honi - Jepp, jag har sett bilder på Gosh och den verkar vara i samma klass som OMG, Nfu-oh och Chanels holo (skulle gärna vilja lägga vantarna på Chanel som ser ut att vara lite vassare än de andra - men väääääääldigt mycket dyrare)!

    Scandalous - You have a disease, but that's ok, you are among friends! =)

    Sarah B. - maybe you will later on :) I will post some other holo comparisons ater this week!

  7. I'd like to have the whole set. It's easy to be trippin' on these colors. :)

  8. Great comparison! I just received Shimmer in a swap and Ive always wanted SRO, so its nice to see that they are close :):)

    I join Scandalous in her disease, I sooo want Paris Couture For Sure!!!!

  9. Thanks for this great comparison!


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