Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Austin-tatious comparison

It's been quite a while since I promised you this one. But you know: sun, no sun, Sweden, yadda yadda and so on so forth. Well, finally, here it is!

I included all the colors I could remember you wanted to compare OPI's new Texas release Austin-tatious Turquoise to. They are: Catch Me In Your Net, Sea? I Told You, Austin-tatious Turquoise, and Yodel Me On My Cell.

And in the same order. The photo is pretty big, so you may click to enlarge for a detailed view.

I concur in my first observation about Sea? I Told You as the closest. And just as previously described, I'm pretty positive they both have the same shimmer pigment, but differently tinted bases. They do come out differently, as you can see, but they are both sheer and I believe this was four coats. I have also previously (verbally) compared Catch Me In Your Net to Sea? I Told You, because they're somewhat in the same group - Sea I Told You is like the predecessor to the greatness that would come. Last, as you can tell, Yodel Me On My Cell doesn't really belong in this group, but comparing is of course always interesting. The base is more opaque and a whole lot darker. Though, after viewing these up close for an eternity or two, I do suspect that the shimmer pigments in Yodel Me On My Cell are in fact the very same as in Sea? I Told You and Austin-tatious Turquoise.

Now go out and grab the ones you want.

Swedish word of the day:
vintersolstånd -noun winter solstice
Today is. Finally, Sweden will become lighter again!


  1. Wow, I definitely thought they was much closer in color to each other! Also, that first picture with the black and white is soooo cool looking!

  2. Great comps! thank you so much!

  3. I agree, they have the same shimmer, but different base.

    You rock, this comparison is off the charts awesome!

  4. Great comparison shots! thanks.

    I have come to the conclusion that I now need Sea! I told you so and Austin-tatious Turquoise.
    I love turquoise polish! :)

  5. I'm a sucker for turquoise - always in search for the perfect one and Austin-tatious Turquoise looks pretty perfect to me. :) Of your comps I only own CMIYN... Can't wait for the Texas release.

  6. Great post! I also love turquoise and those are all great examples.

  7. I just want to say that your pictures are beautiful!!!! thank you for your blog!!!!!

  8. The top picture is lovely! Should be on the cover of a magazine.

  9. THANK YOU for this post! I wear a teal on my toes all the time (Yodel, lately) but can't wait to try the Austin one!

    Teal is the color of Ovarian Cancer awareness and I have found that using it sparks conversations about this deadly disease.


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